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    Drive shaft shops in Puget Sound area?

    Presision Driveline in Totem Lake built my rear shaft when I went to a D60 in my RC. They also used to fix the 1s I broke in the Peterbuilt dump truck I used to drive..
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    North Bend 8/10

    Around the Safeway parking lot.. other wise dodging the potholes on the Middle Fork or Tinkam Rds...
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    New puppy name!

    Patches, or JP (as in JP Patches)
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    Ruger 10/22

    When I was in high school(many moons ago) I bought a semi auto Savage from Coast to Coast hardware. I shot the crap out of it. When the extractor disapeared the second time I bought a new Marlin Model 60. The Marlin was a piece of junk. i took the Marlin back the next day and bought a Ruger...
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    Help a Gurl out!

    I did it.. Good luck, hope you win..
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    14 bolt disc brake conversion

    ruffstuffspecialties has them. IIRC they are around 50.00 a pair..
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    Tinkham Rd

    Tinkum Rd exit is 42. The road crosses the river then basicly parralles I 90 and comes out at the Denny Creek exit # 47. There are a couple of roads that cut off to the right leading to higher elevations. There are no off road areas or very many turnarounds, just the roads. If you fubar its a...
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    Quadrajet Carbs

    Did it run after the rebuild??
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    Pistol Ranges...

    Ive shot at Wades in Bellevue. Cant remember it being to expensive. The targets are on a track system. You can set them where you want..
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    96 dodge rear shock qestion

    You didnt know if the block was factory or not but you say you dont like blocks. What is you basis for this idea?
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    Sand drags this weekend! Monroe,Wa

    Is that on the road that Ys off to Cadman ??
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    Fishing charter

    way to early in the year for Salmon or Tuna. Id be looking at a bottom trip out of Westport this time of the year weather permitting personally.
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    78 D60 rear disc swap...

    the guys that make brake lines, The Right Stuff has adapters that use a screw in rubber brake hose. IIRC they are 10.00 each..
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    Gear install in Seattle Area

    Try Dan @ NW Differentials in Totem Lake/Kirkland. last I knew he was 225 per + parts for a setup. Quality work and fast turn around.
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    radiator brazing?

    NO BRAZING thats to hot.. use SOLDER !!!