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    anyone wheeling tomorrow?

    Anyone heading to the woods tomorrow?
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    Elbe Hills Saturday hitting elbe

    A few of us are meeting around 9:30 at the staging area , mix between some built xjs and some wranglers , all is welcome no idea what we're running. :DANCE:
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    Sunday shake down run

    My good friend just got his xj on the road and wants a good place to do a shake down run, so tahuya it Safeway Belfair or back staging area shortly after guessing around 830
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    heading for a day in the woods Sunday

    Sense the snow is probably horrible and I've run Elbe alot and we'll evans is out of the question, I'm thinking hitting tahuya sense it's been a few years sense I've been out there.
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    heading for a day in the woods Sunday

    I have no idea yet were I'm going yet,but I have to get out and do some wheeling :DANCE:. Anyone hitting the trails or want to join me sunday?
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    fs Rd 70

    Is fs70 open ? I know the pass is temporarily closed due to snow , I'm heading up hunting tomorrow and was curious if anyone had any info about the gravel passes ? I'm sure the upper pass had alot of snow . I also am not positive on when fs70 closes for the sleds. Any info would be helpful...
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    Wagon trail opening?

    How's fs70 ? Is it open or still closed for sleds?
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    Random Cell Phone Photos Thread....

    Some bikers have those to were if u piss them off they'll Crack your window ,mirror, etc .you don't want to get hit by one .lol
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    RIP Mallcrawler83

    Damn , prayers and best wishes to the family and friends.
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    Naches run this sat

    That's lame.
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    Naches run this sat

    Good call I'll through my saw in tonight
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    Made a mistake...

    I award you no points and I am now dumber for watching that. Haha
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    Compact Concealed carry gun opinions.

    My buddies glock
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    Compact Concealed carry gun opinions.

    I love it , I upgraded all the internals and the thing just works .
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    Compact Concealed carry gun opinions.

    I carry a glock model 27 40 all the time. But I am eyeballing the new glock model 42 9mill.