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    Walker Valley walker tommorow

    Well I guess everyone is different.But if the guy caught up to me on the trail I would of atleast aknowledged him!Especially if it was brought up to me.But were all different,got ya!
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    Walker Valley walker tommorow

    Hey Cain had a good time wheeling.Sorry about the bullshit with others not hookin up with ya your welcome to roll with us anytime!
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    Walker Valley walker tommorow

    Hey Chrissy,usually people give people a couple minutes to get there.Besides its really not your issue or were you one of the DOGGERS?
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    Walker Valley Saturday Fun......

    Hey havent been to Reiter for a while.How much wheeling is open now?
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    Rest Easy Bobby Long

    This was a great friend.A great part of the four wheel community.Bobby we had great times at Naches,Evans,Elbe,and many competitions.You and Tina were always such a blast to wheel with.To the family best wishes!Please let us know if there are any needs.I really like the idea of the cruz.I know...
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    Just finished the "Predator" Buggy

    Nice!!!! That thing turned out sick!!Can't wait to see it in action.Very impressive.
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    Reiter Foothills November 17th test drive

    Great time :awesomework:Hey just wanted to say thanx for a great time at rieter today.Not a bad turnout.We all had great fun even the few who had some carnadge were smiling.To all those that helped out today and for so many long months.You guys did awsome!Keep up the good work.Its a good...