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    Cj7 steering issues

    RedneckRam On my Scrambler I had a Waggy Dana 44, spring under and over with 36" tire and had bad D-wobs, tried all the things you did to no avail I ended up having to install a power assisted steering ram/stabilizer to resolve my death wobs. See link above for pricing, totally worth it, fixes...
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    [Ad Closed] 1999 Comanche/Cherokee doors and fenders - FREE or TRADE

    Hello all, When I bought my 1989 Comanche it came with some extras, including 1999 doors and front fenders (1 set of each). I don't have anywhere to store them and I really don't want to mess around with the conversion, ever, so I am hoping someone here does. I also have the mirrors and door...
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    Reiter Foothills March 24th. Reiter open house hosted by the Timber Tamers

    Can I drive my LR3 through the trails there? :D
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    OMG I hate Windows 8!!!!!!

    FYI working on Trevors Nephews Toshiba Laptop today, the NIC Driver is Atheros, the WiFi is Realtek. IF there are still missing =drivers after your updatefest let me know, i've now spent time on Toshiba's SWEET drivers site and can pbbly make sense of it fer ya!
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    OMG I hate Windows 8!!!!!!

    Rick, Jason told me about your problems this a.m., hit me up if you would like some help. I'm pretty sure I owe you some labor for the shock assistance and should be able to make that Windows 7 install work fer you.
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    trail from Greenwater to E'Berg

    I did it last Summer In my LR3 :fawkdancesmiley: Bring a GPS some of the roads marked on that site are closed/washed out. Down South near Mt Rainer the roads never opened due to non melted snow. Be prepared for BIG pypasses. Aside from that it was a great trip, lot's...
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    They are not allowed to use any kind of bullhorn or speakers that is why they do the repeating
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    what kind of rig for NW wheeling (coming from AZ)

    Get rid of the Toyota parts (replace with 60's), install V8, add a roof, get the heater working (at least so it blows on your feet) feck the windshield. Buy the Helly-Hanson wetsuit (poly Bibs and Jacket) and learn how to wear layers under it. 60's and V8 are really helpful around here (or...
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    Please vote for our shop!

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    Drug commercials

    I always get a laugh at the end of the ad when they describe the possible side effect, especially when the side effects sound worse than the problem they are trying to cure!! :haha:
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    Got a bit of cash?

    I think RP is great, but he's pretty extreme. I fear that of he got in nothing would get accomplished because all sides would be trying to block his "extreme" policies....oh wait nothings been getting accomplished for the last 11 years...Maybe I will donate, That nut job in Texas ain't getting...
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    Sultan Bakery in Maxim

    Then on the way home stop at Bubba's Road house for dinner. They have fantastic BBQ! Plus The Accused played there!! LOL :redneck:
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    Woman asked to leave Walmart for wearing Bikini

    If "she" was wise "she'd" go over to to find plenty of instances of "people" dressed far worse than that..then sue the fuck out of WM, LOL
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    New strain of gonorrhea!!!

    Yeah vote in some Corporate funded/controlled Republican to sell the rest of our country out from under us. Great "thinking" fellas!