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    New Reiter Map

    Between the devils staircase and candy corn its pretty close to it.
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    New Reiter Map

    Thats never coming back--whole lower area is off limits to motorized use.
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    Finally....Da new rig..

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    New Reiter Map

    I started a different version (using CalTopo) but I haven't had time to finish--which I suspect is what you would be looking for. I have only used Avenza myself to verify the map on that platform. Otherwise I am just learning as I go....
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    What series are you watching?

    LetterKenny--and they have the new season coming out on December 25th I believe....
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    Here we go again

    Here we go again with more restrictions.....
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    New Reiter Map

    So this last summer was very productive. Me and Ken our operator were able to get more trails completed along with a few other spots repaired that we are unable to do on our monthly work parties. In any case the DNR is crazy slow on updating really anything and since we have a bunch of trails...
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    Should we close the forum?

    I would hope you would give it a chance still to see if there is a chance for it to survive. It was hard enough to walk away from what I built but I simply didn't have the time. One thing bookface cannot match though in forums is the tech.
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    Its been fun

    I won't lie I simply have no desire to work to keep this place going nor the support so I am passing it on. So probably less that a week I will no longer be associated with the forum. It will be sold and somebody else will be taking it over. Been fun in some aspects and met a bunch of fun...
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    The end of the SECOND AMENDMENT in Wa.

    Signed---there will be no singing today tony :redneck:
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    My new channel

    I have a new youtube channel just for my reiter videos. Over the last year I invested a bunch more into my video hobby and been trying new things..
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    Breaking Bad

    I agree it wasn't a "great" movie but I thought it did a good job giving the storyline closure. And ya todd was a bit chunky,lol...
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    What is freedom?

    I see what your saying brad but here is how I look at it. Somebody who has lots of $$ is less inclined to not do something in fear of taxes where somebody who has allot less is going to look at taxes and be less inclined to do so. Like in your case compared to somebody who has lots of...
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    What is freedom?

    I can only see taxes as being oppressive to those who don't have allot of $$. Those with $$ don't care about taxes and do as they want...
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    What is freedom?

    I don't do it for a free pass--I do it so the quality of what we have stays. As for them being able to get tree's "easier" I disagree because they simply build roads to gain access to what is needed.