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  • What's going on with the yota ? finished it yet? progress report pictures....... Well shit it's summer your probly out twisting it up on the bike... Sick pic BTW
    Darby its Adam. Cool site you were right. Let me know how the cab works out or send me some pictures thx.
    Ya, I'm about to crack without my time in the woods. Rafting should be some good relaxing fun though. I am going to look at another cab for my yota in bremerton tomorrow night. I didn't like the 85 cab I picked up. Once I get a cab on there that I like (which is dumb cause I'm gonna wreck it) all I need is to pull some crap off the sami and re-assemble. I even have a tube bed to put on and might even swindle a cage if this thing works out tomorrow. Then I plan on getting blacked out drunk and rolling it down the rock face, again.
    Darby! how you doin bro. Miss hanging out with you and the rest of the crew. Gonna head out on the night of the 8th. I hope you and Pumpy can make it.
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