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    jeep flat tow bar questions

    Way back in the early days of road master tow bars they used a single pecker, however it was supported in a triangle with tight chains, Put chains in a triangle back to the front bumper and cinch em up with some turn buckles
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    time to school crash on jeep repair

    impressive to say the least
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    new rig in the garage

    hell i'm marrying the friend of a frind in august
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    new rig in the garage

    oh crap !!! how the heck are you?
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    new rig in the garage

    wagoneer springs & axles, chev 350, sm465, dana 300, summer & fall i will square up the body & frame then next winter i'll strip the wrangler down and assemble the drivetrain under the 6
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    new rig in the garage

    i'm tempted to run a cj5 full soft top & have the extra 20 inches as tool storage ? but we'll see how it all plays out?
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    new rig in the garage

    ya, who are you?
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    new rig in the garage

    it's all in the "plan"
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    new rig in the garage

    wanted one ever since i saw one over on the nachez river just below lily pond the weekend stu rolled twice in twenty feet and somehow i think the cage is the least of my worries
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    new rig in the garage

    bought a 73 cj-6 last weekend, ought to be an interesting project it's a little rough heck it even runs
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    Chainsaw use on the trail?

    cut wide enough for the narrowist rig and call it good
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    Trailer brake question

    new info to me, trailers with a gross weight over 10k, the operator is required to have a C.D.L but there aren't many cops enforcing this issue
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    Shops setup for air!!!!!

    pex pipe with 6 drops in the garage
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    The snawsage version---- something

    :fawkdancesmiley: it all looks like crap!! what shoddy craftsmanship :fawkdancesmiley:
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    At what point--is it a buggy?

    those are the girls from THE MAN SHOW, and now girls jumping on trampolines !!:fawkdancesmiley: