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    93 YJ Tub with title

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    Car Stereo Stuff Question

    No, it's not that simple.
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    Car Stereo Stuff Question

    There could be a crossover somewhere in the system and you won't get full range out of your new speaker. I buy from Crutchfield because they know exactly what goes in each spot and will include any adapters needed for your vehicle.
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    trails to hit?

    When we used to play there, Shoestring, Kaner
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    Toyota Front Leaf Springs

    I'm no Toyota expert but the front crossmember/spring hanger is what you see on the SAS Toyotas. Probably means the frame is newer than 1985. If you're happy with the height just use those springs.
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    Any one want to loan me a set of 37's for RRC?

    I have some 36" old school TSLs on 6 lug beadlocks. Would be quite a drive for you to get them though.
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    Need dana 44 odds & ends

    I have a welded carrier, 2 spindles and probably could find yokes if you made the drive here. :eeek:
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    Goatbuilt JHF buggy build

    So in the rear the uppers are now 2" shorter than lowers? What is the difference in the front? What are your anti squat/anti dive numbers if you don't mind? I'm working on my first f/r 4 link and I'm curious what works good in our area.
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    Let's talk diesels.

    3500s with auto level air bags. Similar mounts with the coil versions
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    Let's talk diesels.

    Study the window sticker for these.
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    Let's talk diesels.

    1 ton meaning dually? Or just a 3500 in general? I know a 3500 SRW can be had with leaf springs, coils, or air bags in the rear.
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    Fab Parts...
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    [Ad Closed] Kmc beadlocks

    What size and backspacing?
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    Finally....Da new rig..

    Why not run the lines down the upper link?
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    Old school "fear me" challenge

    Private should = invite only for event participants. Otherwise the wrong person will hear about it at the local watercooler and register to get the dirt on you. Don't get me wrong the idea is spectacular you're just starting it on the wrong foot.