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    TG bought Longfield?

    RCV exactly....went to Dave at Jester Fabs and got a new set of birfs (from what I understand they are the original superaxle) good price and comes with the lifetime warranty... Not the 12 months like TG is doing..... so anyone with a receipt from booby, maybe we can work something out to...
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    TG bought Longfield?

    longfields i just tried to get my longfields super axles warrantied by Trail Gear....But .....probably like many others when i went to Bobby's to pick them up I paid cash and did not get a receipt...Trail Gear will not warranty them without a receipt...So much for a lifetime warranty.. Trail...
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    Rest Easy Bobby Long

    RIP Bobby
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    4th Annual Twin Lakes (Whatcom Co.) Snow Run!

    geez how did I get here ? while Im here I have to say I'm up for the run. love to see how the pitbull rockers work in the snow. Maybe I can keep up with you Jacob
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    Canukia Sunday Jan 9th

    Great Pics jakob !!! That was an awsome day
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    The Bumblebee gets a transplant.

    So Ive been wheelin the bumlebee for a couple years now. Theres been lots of upgrades since she was born to me. (thanks Kev) Ive been putting up with the 22r carb(weber) but now its time for a change. Climbing some of those steep hills is pretty sketchy and sometime pretty damn scary...
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    Yota front axle seals....

    longs are coming very soon. Probably on Dec 23, Merry Christmas to myself
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    Master-Pull Super Yanker Giveaway!!!!!

    love giveaways Thanks for the chance to win. (thanks Emil)