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    Barber Springs

    Snowmobiled from barber Saturday. Snow still at the bottom.
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    superbowl t'weelin

    good times, next time i'll try to bring my camera so yur not the only one taking pics. I always say that and always forget.
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    Funny/moon rocks?

    with all the late snow and cooler temps i think there will be alot of snow. If you don't like snow prob should stay home. It's supposed to rain too. Seriously if there is alot of snow hopefully the unprepared (open/no winch) stay home.
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    Soap Lake area..

    i'd like to know too, i may be working over there next month.
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    Johnsonhead Creek...

    looks like fun, i gotta get over there. What happened to the claws?
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    What is the best "offshore" brand winch?

    my superwinch epi9 works great, the only finisher w/warn in some mag's winch pull off. When i got it, it was quite a bit cheeper than a warn, i think right inbetween the cheepys and the warn. It also has way less amp draw and a very good line speed compared to others.
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    King county SUCKS

    ya, cook real-estate. I though thats why you buy through a realitor.
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    King county SUCKS

    ya, $3500 permit 24x36 barn
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    King county SUCKS

    I'd move in a heart beat, wife want to let the kids finish school first. My dad likes it over here, he'll just deal w/it.
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    King county SUCKS

    My dad bought a house a few yrs ago, king co is now saying he has to tear down buildings and permit to rebuild. The house and buildings were built in the 70's. My dad said there is a long list of this at the building dept right now, way to take advantage of the people in tough times.
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    how to pick up an abandoned jeep

    i like this idea, My rig should last 3 more years.
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    how to pick up an abandoned jeep

    I'm not gonna steel it, i was just courious if someone could do this, kinda like an impound company would, i pretty much knew the answer but though i'd ask anyway. There is no residential around the area so i doubt someone storing it there. I like the phone # idea but i'm sure it will be...
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    how to pick up an abandoned jeep

    there is a jeep cherokee sitting in a parking lot where i carpool from. It's been there for at least a month (as long as i've been carpooling). It has not moved the entire time, even weekends. I emailed wsp no response yet. Is there any way i could pick it up and public notice it or...
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    Tinkham rd 11/22

    i'd like to do a little more snow wheeling around NB, im local. Let me know of any runs. russ 444-3572