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  • Cool man! I've been working on my OBA with my a/c compressor. Almost done. Got a tank for it too. The elocker is in and all done and works well.
    Hey dude, hows things? Finally workin the elocker but found out that my 4.88 pinion is shot. Boooo...other than that, things seem to be going well. How's your stuff going?
    Well that sounds like a bunch of crap man. I freakin hate that garbage. Sorry to hear man, I know what it's like to be the single dad man. The wifes been gone and will be gone for most of the year...again. If you need anything(or questions), let me know!!!!!! Holy crap, went to Walker the other weekend!! Man it was a good time until I lost my power steering....geeezus that was horrible. I had to bail half way thru the day cause I couldn't feel my arms any more. Thankfully, my 4.7s' and front locker made it a little easier. The elocker thing is going slow. A buddy of mine wants my 4.30 setup and is going to trade me a 4.10 setup. So when I get that I'm gonna get the third built and put it in. Can't wait.
    Hey man, hows things? Been a long while since I was on here. Picked up and elocker and am workin that project? How's your project going?
    Its at the top of the Easy Valley Connector. There is two of them. Ain't much of mudholes though. They have a hard bottom.
    Hey if you ever need help with any working party stuff or truck shit during the weekdays i have nothing better to do with my time than sit in may barracks room and watch TV so look me up.
    Yes I am!! lol
    Been here since fall '08 so pretty recently, you? It's been a reeeeeeeeaaally long time since I've heard that club name. The only person I can think of was a guy named Holister...I think?
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