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  • TY lost my phone no #s.I need to get a hold of Dave O too.Should have new phone this week.I missed the 4th wheeling the wifes Lupus acting up.Then lost phone.D
    How was elbe I was gona go and camp for the weekend then that local trip came up it was fun there's been a lot of pepile runing out there but I'm tired of it I'm thinkin Evans next ill let ya know is be fun to wheel whither ya again
    Not much... Trying to help a couple neighborhood kids with there rigs.
    Hey ty. Hp here. We r going to elbe saturday. Whats u doing? Oct 8th and 9th. Morgan has full size danas now , hes ready. Let me know.

    Hover park in Finley.

    We went in by going down Ayers road and followed the dirt road along the river.There are no "No trespassing" signs down there and we didn't get hassled by anyone.
    I'm trying to figure out this site.You know I'm new to the site.But I figure out we can stay in a little better touch with me on here.Hope the Jeep fab is going OK!! Later Big DP "BEN CONVICTED"
    u r going to love our new trail.i need some more capible rigs to help me.sofar im the only one with the equiptment to get up there....it goes right strait up S L mountain. its alot o fun.its tight mudy dirty lots of trees.its alot of fun.they punched all the way up on the quads.we are almost half way with the wheeler trails.the flat fender would walk all the way up
    Definatly would like to run with you on Saturday. Call or text me if you go out 2064231748
    Definatly would like to run with you on Saturday. Call or text me if you go out 2064231748
    Nice one jeepin fag :haha:

    Hey dood, Did you try to send me a PM? email said my box was full so I didnt get it.

    Cheers, Chainsaw.
    ty, thanks for all the help last night your a good fu__ing guy. call my phone i dont have your number. i will have my rig together this week if work works out call me and we will go somewhere? i owe you a tank of propane baby. right on had fun and james thinks those trails are harder then reiter. had a blast jeffy
    so reiter for labor day sounds good emit and my brother are game to.i'll probaly be able to go a day or two early and get us a good spot
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