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    NOVA gas tax appropriation

    The Washington State Legislature will probably be increasing your gas taxes. If/when that happens it will be important to make sure the nonhighway and offroad vehicle activities (NOVA) account appropriation portion of the tax increase is adjusted accordingly so we get our fair share. Ask...
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    Nova funds held hostage

    NOVA FUNDS HELD HOSTAGE Your Nonhighway and Offroad Vehicle Activities appropriation for the next two years did not happen during the 2017 legislative sessions. This is the money collected from your ORV permit purchases and from the offroad portion of gas tax revenue. Thanks to...
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    WA DoL drama

    If you have a dual registered vehicle (ORV and street plates), be aware that the DoL has implemented a new computer system. It appears as though every dual registered vehicle has had either one or both of their registrations canceled erroneously. I was unable to renew one of my bikes on...
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    SB5200 – volunteers Pooling Discover Pass hours

    SB5200 would allow spouses to pool their volunteer hours for the purpose of earning a free Discover Pass. It is very similar to 2013 / 2014 Senate Bill SB5097 and 2015 / 2016 Senate Bill SB5205. We came very close to passing those two bills. There was close to zero opposition, it is just...
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    Discover Pass infraction overturned

    Once again, the court has upheld the position that a Discover Pass is not required on a vehicle with a valid ORV permit while at a location where ORV use is legal. This time it was Snohomish County District Court in Monroe hearing a case where a DNR law enforcement officer incorrectly cited a...
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    Urgent: Save Funding for the Recreational Trails Program

    See link
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    Discover Pass court case

    On 18-May-2015, the Mason County Superior Court has once again ruled against the DNR and upheld the NMA / WOHVA position concerning the Discover Pass requirements as they relate to vehicles dual registered as both ORV and street vehicles. Vehicles registered as an ORV are not required to have a...
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    DNR survey about info

    The DNR is doing a survey on how you get information and what information you want.
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    Supreme Court to hear NOVA case

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Washington Off Highway Vehicle Alliance ORV funds lawsuit with go before the Washington State Supreme Court. Olympia, Washington
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    Snohomish County hearing - Reiter

    Snohomish County is holding a hearing this Tuesday the 28th of June, at 5pm in Everett to amend the County Codes. The amendments will exempt construction and maintenance of recreational trails from their onerous and extremely expensive current processes. We NEED these amendments passed or...
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    WOHVA rally on Capitol Steps

    WOHVA rally on the Capitol steps 25 Feb 2011 See link