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    Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 Plasma Cutter

    For sale a TD Plasma Cutter, works as it should, comes with a couple extra consumables. 20 ft lead, 230 volt, rated to cut 1/2" 541 620 1585 97845 OR $999
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    ESAB Plasma Cutter Powercut 900

    For Sale Nice ESAB. Has optional standoff nozzle, 50ft torch, spare nozzle, 10 extra electrodes. This is a bad ass machine rated to cut 1" steel, sever 1.25", and 100% duty cycle at 50amps. 541 620 1585 97845 OR $1300
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    FS Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector

    For Sale Minelab Equinox 600, in great condition, Purchased new in April of 2018, have receipt , so its just over a year old. Has the latest software update. Screen protector is nicely installed. Clear protector over the buttons that can be removed. I bought this for some accessories it had...
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    [Ad Closed] 14' YZ450F EFI Rekluse clutch Oregon $3399

    Call or Text 541 620 1585 John Day OR 97845 For Sale 2014 Yamaha YZ450F, EFI Great condition, runs great, 55HP stock. If your looking for a used YZ the 14' is the first year of big changes. The changes done to the YZ450F are extensive, and while the motor may look the same aside from the...
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    [Ad Closed] Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive Splitter 03 and up Dodge Ram 2500 3500 4x4 Pickup

    This bolts to the transfercase, either a NV271 or NV273. It should install in either a auto or manual, it was in a manual truck with a G65 6 speed Perfect condition,everything you need to install in a G56 truck, I have a complete rear driveline for a G56 short bed. Or other adapters can be...
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    [Ad Closed] 2003 Chevy 5.3L Vortec engine complete vehicle

    $1499 John Day OR Call or text 541 620 1585 Runs good and drives, body is rough. Great for a LS V8 swap or 4X4 cheap transportation. Clear title, 2 owner, 203k miles decent tires
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    [Ad Closed] 2003 Gmc yukon 5.3 4x4 $1499

    For Sale $1499 John Day OR Call or text 541 620 1585 Runs good and drives, body is rough. Great for a LS V8 swap or 4X4 cheap transportation. Clear title, 2 owner, 203k miles decent tires This is a great donor vehicle for a V8 swap, there are lots of resources of info for this at
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    Crawler Parts

    Mike Poulson Custom axles, With a few spare parts, Shafts R&P, $100 shipped I used these with a Axial chassis Triton Jr Charger & Equinox $50 shipped Panther tires $20 shipped Chisel tires $20 shipped Losi Night Crawler Oil filled shocks $35 shipped Mayhem 7 Wheels $90 shipped JR ds8711...
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    Steelhead fishin

    Anyone been? Iv hit Hells Canyon 3 times, always slow. But havent been in last 2 weeks,. Went to Troy 3rd weekend of Oct. Caught 1 lost 1, that was my 12 hrs. 6hrs per fish was stated and it held true.
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    Rounded up some parts.

    Some used stuff I picked up. The DMG Alluminiti from Greece, and some Poulson Axles from Zorlac, YA the DMG guy. But really the only AX10 thing left is the trans. DMG Chassis #11 Stock trans Metal Gears VP Hurtz Dig Tekin FXR Novak 45T CC BEC 3s Lipos MIP Shafts Poulson Axles JR8711...
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    Good Fortune

    So me and the family went to Chinese food friday night. And this was, (no chit) my fortune outta my cookie. I assume this justifies all the money spent on my Toyota. HAHA.
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    Dodge axle Qs for a Chevy

    I trying to gather parts for a buddy, to build a wheeler , so far we have: 80s Blazer 383 chev 700r4 tranny outa a 94 PU with a drivers drop transcase into a Dodge divorced pass drop Transcase, for a doubler setup Dana 60 rear with a detroit in it. My Question We have an opportunity...
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    NOV Wheelin

    Here are some spy photos of some central Oregon rednecks.
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    Toyota door interchange

    Will 91 4runner doors fit my 95 pu? Thanks Jeremy
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    95 Toyota x-cab.

    This is a cross post, on other sites too. I call it MOLOTOV 2 Ok, Here goes again. After doing a 4 link on my 82,"MOLOTOV" my focus got changed when I found a 95' X-cab for $200. It was missing the 3rds, some glass, some interior stuff...
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    God Bless All

    Just kiddin, Im usually at church for weddings and furnerals. HAHA My name is Jeremy, I live in Eastern OR. I do Blue collar work for a living. I think my biggest hobby is metal fabrication, and that led me to 4X4s. In the early days I was into low riders and cars. But my new passion is 4X4s...