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    new rig in the garage

    bought a 73 cj-6 last weekend, ought to be an interesting project it's a little rough heck it even runs
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    Memorial Weekend Carnage

    Yanked out my engine today and man...that's a big hole!
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    i'm back

    :fawkdancesmiley: :fawkdancesmiley: i'm back & will be wheeling my jeep for the first time in 7 or 8 years, this memorial weekend :fawkdancesmiley: :fawkdancesmiley:
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    1 1/2" dom tube

    where are you guys getting it from & how much $ per foot ?
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    power programmers/ chips

    who is using what on what kind of truck & why?
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    love of new parts

    it makes me giddy when i see the U.P.S. guy pull up to the shop, knowing that he has new parts for me from novak to install a dana 300 t case behind my ax4 tranny:D after 7 years of down time i might finally make some headway on my jeep :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: as soon as i can make it out to...
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    reconnecting with old friends

    hi i'm jeff johnson aka "designated a$$hole" known crash for about 10 years now, i tore my 93 yj apart about 5 or 6 years ago & pretty much lost ambition on putting it back together after i found beer. but now i think it might be time to start doing something about that little problem ha ha. i...