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  1. crash

    Here we go again

    Here we go again with more restrictions.....
  2. crash

    New Reiter Map

    So this last summer was very productive. Me and Ken our operator were able to get more trails completed along with a few other spots repaired that we are unable to do on our monthly work parties. In any case the DNR is crazy slow on updating really anything and since we have a bunch of trails...
  3. crash

    Its been fun

    I won't lie I simply have no desire to work to keep this place going nor the support so I am passing it on. So probably less that a week I will no longer be associated with the forum. It will be sold and somebody else will be taking it over. Been fun in some aspects and met a bunch of fun...
  4. crash

    My new channel

    I have a new youtube channel just for my reiter videos. Over the last year I invested a bunch more into my video hobby and been trying new things..
  5. crash

    Breaking Bad

    Any of you die hard breaking bad fans watch El Camino yet? I thought they did a good job closing loose ends...
  6. crash

    End of an era

    After many years we finally decided it was time to get rid of our place in goldbar. We had an offer for full price in 2 days and took 2 weeks to close (tomorrow). So many fond memories there. Both our kids were born living there and watched them grow up. I forged many friendships along the...
  7. crash

    End of summer bash tonight.

    If ya get bored starting at 8.. We drink--and fire :cheer::cheer::cheer:
  8. crash

    Rimfire shootout?

    So I know we talked about doing something with .22's a few years back. I hadn't shot mine in some time and took our friend out who was here from england--forgot how much fun it was to shoot.. Might be something cool to look into trying to do again.
  9. crash

    Walker Valley Hefty haul out

    That time of year again--this satuday at 9am I believe.. Bring a food donation also :awesomework:
  10. crash

    Dumb internet sayings

    I know there are a few--the one I hate is "send it"
  11. crash

    Reiter Foothills April Work Party

    Our monthly work party will be on the 27th this month--meet at 9am.. Please make sure to sign in..
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    To all those who volunteer there valuable time to make something better. :cheer:
  13. crash

    Reiter Foothills Work Party March 30th

    The 30th will be a busy day. I have one group that Ed Tenny will be running down the tight and twisty to fix the issues there. The other group so far will be heading to the G9 on the back side to fix a couple issues. Should have a few more things figured out by then...
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    Anybody watch the show? Love it...
  15. crash

    Reiter Parking..

    If you like Reiter and wanna help us get the needed funds for the badly needed parking area PLEASE read and share. Everyone that wants to see the parking lot get built should call 1-800-562-6000 (TTY for Hearing Impaired 800.833.6388) the Washington state Legislation hotline, ask to leave a...
  16. crash

    My 50th Birthday bash

    Ya I turn that damn number this year and will be doing a big birthday bash at my place in April on the 27th at my place...
  17. crash

    Reiter Foothills Work party this saturday the 2nd

    Next work party..
  18. crash

    Banner Time

    Time to change the banners. Post your favorite pic and I will see if it can be used. Looking for a few...
  19. crash

    Odd tire question

    So do any of you guys balance your trailer tires?
  20. crash

    Reiter Snow fun

    Got a bunch from playing at reiter on monday.... Love it with a bunch of snow...