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    Walker Valley wheeling 3/16/14

    It was cold and raining. It was a crowded clusterfuck. I broke my rig and went home early. But I still had an awesome time. Proof there is no such thing as a bad day wheeling. :awesomework:
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    Tire Carrier bushing or bearing?

    I made one once with a hub, spindle and bearings I cut off an old trailer axle.
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    Trailer Decking?

    The chemicals in pressure treated wood will rust steel. :;
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    Dewalt grinders

    Same grinder without wheels is $75 at Lowes. My DeWalt grinder died last week. I really wanted to replace it with a Metabo but I got the Dewalt for almost half the price.
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    HudonCustoms gets new shop!

    My slab has no insulation or radiant either... It's not that bad just don't lay directly on the concrete, I use my creeper for anything on or near the floor. :; The nice thing about concrete is 'thermal mass'. Even without radiant if you have like a pellet or wood stove- once you get it...
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    Just wheeled reiter & Highrider (old pics)

    This thread makes me wanna go wheelin :D
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    The BBF scatter shield..

    I like it :awesomework: Does your rig have floor covering the trans also or is it exposed? Do they require them (or does anyone ever use one) on manual trans as well?
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    HudonCustoms gets new shop!

    The reason I ask is because if you have any form of heat you are required to insulate to meet energy code. All this means is wait till after the final inspection to put the heating appliance in. :; Everyone keeps saying do radiant in the slab because they don't know what it costs to...
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    HudonCustoms gets new shop!

    Nice shop :cool: Are you planning to insulate the slab?
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    Bill's Booty Fab fix for a buck thread

    Budget built homebrew shit is :cool: I have nothing but respect for a rig that can wheel hardcore trails AND drive cross country thousands of miles to do it. :awesomework:
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    Axle tie down straps...

    I did the chain thing for years and it sucks. I got a set of Macs ratchet straps and they are great. I called Macs directly to get mine, they are located in Sandpoint, ID and super nice to deal with. I do wish I had got the straps with the axle loops separate though for more versatility.
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    I know its BS but bull semen is the rumor I heard so that is the rumor I am spreading. :fawkdancesmiley: Anyone who is actually concerned with what they drink shouldn't listen to my dumb ass anyways. :haha:
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    Space needed to build your project?

    I have a 30x50 shop but everything I do could be done in 20x30. The rest is just extra parking and storage for crap that should go in a garden shed or house garage. It is nice to have a couple spare bays open though when a buddy brings a rig over.
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    The stuff in the energy drinks is made synthetically but it cums from bull semen.
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    :haha::haha::haha: Anyone know what Taurine is? It's in most energy drinks... :puke:
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    shop builder

    I'm not sure how you're finding steel buildings cheaper than wood pole buildings. They must be exceptionally crappy steel buildings. Wood framed pole building is the cheapest way to do the structure. I also do this for a living and I have done many wood and steel shops. If you would like...
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    Dang money--she's used..

    I need to get out and use it more. But I think on flats or uphill I could keep up with snowshoers. On really steep climbs it would probably involve a different route or different gear to get to the top. Like the haystack- I could ski down it but probably not up.
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    Dang money--she's used..

    Damn I never thought I'd see the day... :booo: Hit me up next time you go extreme snowshoeing. I'm not much of a climber but I've got randonee gear I never use. :cool:
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    attn jayluke

    :haha: Holy shit. See this is why build threads kick ass in the chatterbox. :haha:
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    attn jayluke

    It was a joke dip shit. :beer: