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    The solution to all your problems... (NSFW) in this self-help video :fawkdancesmiley:
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    My YJ

    This is not a "build" thread. This is a "few upgrades here and there" thread. My YJ was a great basic wheeling rig for several years and it never left me stranded. Then one day it started having electrical issues and my wheeling trips ended up like this: So it got parked for some...
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    Shipping containers

    They are the latest and greatest construction material. If anyone is interested in shipping containers as a building I am currently working on a container building project in Georgetown. Whether you want one just as a storage unit or to have a building built from them... we can do that...
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    Bending steel plate

    Anyone know where I can get 2 bends done on a piece of 3/16 steel plate? Preferably northend (Everett-Bellingham)? I haven't measured the angles yet but I need this plate bent in 2 places to fit this contour-
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    Fuel cell tech for dummies

    I've been reading up on fuel cells but still have a couple questions- mabey I'm just overthinking. I thought "fuel cells" had a plastic or rubber bladder and foam inside. So I am looking at the RCI 2161A for my jeep but it appears to have no bladder or foam. In fact many of the advertised...
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    Insurance (trailered rigs)

    For non-street legal, trailer only rigs do you have insurance on them? Looking for responses to include type of rig (tube chassis, full bodied, or used to have a body) and type of license (ORV or vehicle license). What type of insurnce do you have? Liability only, full coverage, etc.
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    Ford fuel pressure relief

    I hate to start another stupid question tech thread but I'm stumped here.:scratchhead: 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4.0L V6, auto, gas Don't Fords normally have an inertia switch under the dash to relieve fuel system pressure? I can't find it and there is no Schrader valve either...
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    Thank you UPS...

    ...for not delivering since 12/17!:mad: In the future I will be sticking with the guys with the rain, snow, sleet, hail motto:awesomework: Anyone else get screwed by no brown truck this Christmas? :stirpot: I guess there are 5 semis in Arlington full of undelivered Christmas...
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    Towing with a 350?

    I'm looking at picking up a cheap tow rig to get me by until I can afford the diesel I really want. I'm finding a lot of good deals on 3/4 and 1 ton Chevy's with the 350 and either 4 speed or TH350. Is the 350/TH350 gonna be able to tow my trailer and jeep? I know its not the best setup for...
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    Planet Pinned

    Website for off-road videos Mabey its a repost but this is a gnarly tumble:beer: Some cool little vids of tanks too This ones badass :cool:
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    Any Bremerton locals? (I know Joop is gone:fawkdancesmiley: ) I just found out I'm going to be working in Bremerton for a few weeks and I am looking for info on hotels and restaurants. Quick search found the Flagship Inn and the Chieftain Motel and the rates seem reasonable. Reasonable...
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    Yokes and drivelines

    Strap and bolt method seems to work fine for road driving and light wheeling but obviously is NOT up to the task of rock crawling. So I will be upgrading but I was looking for input from others on what is best. I have Dana 44s with 1330 joints and all the angles are good. U-bolt yokes-...
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    This is probably a really stupid question but does it matter which direction flow goes through a muffler? I just got a new muffler for my Xj. The original had a centered inlet and offset outlet with stamped arrows pointing both directions. The new one has no arrows but is stamped 'outlet'...
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    Septic system?

    Anyone on here do septic system installs or maintenance? I have a 1 year old ATU/Whitewater system and I think the installer was an idiot. I am looking to just ask a couple questions to find out exactly whats going on with mine. Anyone knowledegable about these?
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    Gta 4

    Anyone else on here playing it? I'm not much into video games but this one is fawking cool:cool: And I will admit I'm addicted :looser: Plus if you've got kids its great for the youngins:fawkdancesmiley:
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    Walker Valley Rock crawl area @ Walker Valley

    I heard rumors about a "skill building area" being built at Walker Valley. Does anyone know the status of this? Or is it just a rumor?
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    More line lock stuff

    I didn't want to jack the other thread, but I'm wanting to know more about line locks also. I read in a build thread that they suck, they don't hold well, and Crash had his rig roll away :eeek: So whats the deal with them? Not Jamars? What about mico locks? Or brass ball valves :eeek...
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    Trailer Brakes

    Anyone tow without trailer brakes? I normally use them but my dad robbed the trailer brake controller for his motorhome. Its a 2007 K2500 Silverado towing roughly 5000 lbs jeep and trailer. Should it be fine for one trip or is it dangerous?
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    Ball joints

    :mad: Parts stores are pissing me off. Shoulda gone to Napa. I didn't think dana 30 ball joints would be this difficult but apparently to the parts guy who doesn't speak jeep it is. Enough bitching here is my question- Should upper and lower ball joints come from the same manufacturer...
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    Why IFS?

    A buddy of mine is bringing a Chevy truck over this weekend to put a 2.5" lift on. I am trying to figure out why someone would do this? Is there any advantages? To me it sounds like $1200 to make the truck look cool and fit bigger tires. Its gonna get worse mileage, less power, more wind...