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    anyone wheeling tomorrow?

    Anyone heading to the woods tomorrow?
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    Elbe Hills Saturday hitting elbe

    A few of us are meeting around 9:30 at the staging area , mix between some built xjs and some wranglers , all is welcome no idea what we're running. :DANCE:
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    Sunday shake down run

    My good friend just got his xj on the road and wants a good place to do a shake down run, so tahuya it Safeway Belfair or back staging area shortly after guessing around 830
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    heading for a day in the woods Sunday

    I have no idea yet were I'm going yet,but I have to get out and do some wheeling :DANCE:. Anyone hitting the trails or want to join me sunday?
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    fs Rd 70

    Is fs70 open ? I know the pass is temporarily closed due to snow , I'm heading up hunting tomorrow and was curious if anyone had any info about the gravel passes ? I'm sure the upper pass had alot of snow . I also am not positive on when fs70 closes for the sleds. Any info would be helpful...
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    Naches run this sat

    Not trying to step on skinny pedal . But a few of us are meeting up at Safeway in Enumclaw at 8 am then heading to the fs 70 road and then continuing on up to the Naches trail.
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    Elbe Hills Elbe this next Sunday.

    As long as I can get my bucket finished myself and a few buddies are hitting up Elbe next sunday. I'll talk to the guys and figure out a time and post it up later today :awesomework:.
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    I need a dog bark shock collar, fuckin chihuahua

    My wife has two of these lil shits and they are normally great , but our little one thinks she's a doberman and barks at anything. So we're can I find a small shock collar for cheep?
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    Elbe Hills Anyone in for sat?

    Anyone down to hit elbe this sat?
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    Anyone do any boating at lake cle elum

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    new toy

    Anyone else boat? Just picked this up,It's a 91 18 foot avenger with a 220 mercury laser .
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    Evans Creek Evans this sat

    Thinking early Sat morning . Meet at the staging area at 8 am ?
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    any wheeling next weekend?

    Anyone hitting the trails friday night through sunday?
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    don't taze me bro
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    Elbe Hills Elbe this Saturday

    Who's coming with me?
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    Evans Creek Friday evans night run

    Any interest for a Friday night run.
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    Elbe Hills Sunday elbe

    Yup I'm free to run what ever at elbe. Meet at the staging area around 9 am .
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    Evans Creek Friday night wheelin

    I'm thinkin of hitting evans friday night . Meeting at the burnett chevron at 8pm. Time my change as the week goes along . But I think 8 will be a good time.
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    Elbe Hills April 4th hitting elbe

    Meeting at the staging area around 9 am .