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  1. dobber

    Out of state buggy

    Any tips on buying a full tube chassis buggy from out of state. It is registered as orv in another state. But no sort of vehicle ID. Anyone buy out of state buggy and get it inspected in WA to get Vin without all the proof of purchase for parts? Just kinda curious how I get it in the system up...
  2. dobber

    Dunefest 2017

    Got the opportunity to go down to Winchester Bay for dunefest 2017. Also stopped by sand lakes on the way home for a couple hours. I have never had my truck in the sand before and have never been to the sand dunes before with any other vehicle. What I found out is they are a lot of fun, I need...
  3. dobber

    Need a driveshaft made

    Ive always either did my own or had a good friend get them made up pretty good and straight for my wheeling rigs. Never needed a good balanced one made untill now. Anyone know of a place to get a good balanced driveshaft made in the Olympia area preferably?
  4. dobber

    Family Rock Kia-rawler

    I've spent the last 4 years wheeling solo and leaving my family at home. It's time for a change. Time for a light duty family rig. Would like to keep it street legal but we will see. This will be a 2 stage build, first stage is to get chosen rig running and driving as a stock rig with motor...
  5. dobber

    Drywall primer/sealer

    Are there any painters or drywallers on here that have suggestions for the best primer / sealer on new drywall in Pacific Northwest. Just finished new drywall in my shop and curious what people like to use. I've read so many mixed reviews online just trying to get a few more opinions. Thanks
  6. dobber

    water issue

    Was in a house today, everything in the house plumping wise was perfect except for under on bath sink vanity. Everything metal under the sink was corroded an braided hoses had flakey rust. Any idea what would cause this? Small leak, or something else. No water damage or leaks visible.
  7. dobber

    Pacific Northwest Off-Road Racing Series

    Looks like there could be some 4x4 racing coming back to straddleline. Probably not Best in the West style but could be fun. First on Nov 22, I think i'll go check it out
  8. dobber

    Ethel Tuff Truck

    It was a fun day, they need way more people to come out a support tuff truck. Only 7 rigs out there, I think 2 in 4cyl, 1 in v8, and 4 in unlimited. I got first in unlimited and my wife also drove my rig and got 2nd.
  9. dobber

    storage tubes

    Saw them advertised either on a 4x4 forum or maybe in Crawl. Can't remember where or what they were called. They were tubes with a screw on end cap and mounted to cage tubing. Also came in a few different sizes. Anybody else see these and remember where or what they were called?
  10. dobber

    Broken hubs

    On my rig I break hubs, D60 35sp warn premium hubs. I have chromoly axles, longfield joints, 5.13 gear brand unknown, arb locker and run Toyota and 1310 driveline joints. I have not had any other problems with those parts, only the warn hubs. So my question is, any others with same...
  11. dobber

    Elbe: New Years
  12. dobber

    Caption this...

  13. dobber

    goldendale wheeling

    Though i'd share some pics from my memorial weekend...
  14. dobber

    Sunday April 8th

    Might be heading up here for a little test run, anybody else going to be around?
  15. dobber

    Caption this...

  16. dobber

    Looks like W.E.ROCK is back

    Looks like crawling in goldendale and dirt riot endurance racing in Washington to
  17. dobber

    RC Round Up
  18. dobber

    Naches July 2011

    a few to start... more to come
  19. dobber

    Naches pics, 4th of July weekend

    Was a good trip, weather was perfect all weekend and the rocks were bare and dry. Camped at the end of 1701 and it was pretty much empty compared to last year. Good to see some people i knew, and met some new ones.:awesomework: more pics...
  20. dobber

    fxr problem

    just got a new crawler all together and played for about 5 minutes and forward and reverse stopped working. The fxr led's are normal, steady 4 blinking to 1 and the trottle lights ramp up and back down but nothing moves. There are no chimes when i turn it on anymore as well. anybody ever...