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  1. nick c


    its time to replace the cabin batteries in the motor home. I know 2 6 volt batteries is the way to go, but what's the best bang for the buck? This past weekend while hunting I'd wake up in the morning with the heater off because the batteries were dead. I carry a Honda Eu1000 to charge the...
  2. nick c


    Saw your message on your thread that you deleted. Sorry you feel the need to be done here. How about instead you stick around and learn from your mistakes. We all need to do our part to keep what we have open and that includes educating ourselves. :beer:
  3. nick c

    Did someone on here adopt out a white Boxer pup?

    Odd question but back in 2008 or 2009, I helped a co-worker adopt a white Boxer pup. Well the friend is trying to find who they got the pup from as they are wanting to get another Boxer pup soon. For some reason I seem to remember it being someone on here that had the pup.
  4. nick c

    Overheated wiring

    I came home to find the GFCI in my garage popped. And it wouldn't reset. Started unplugging stuff and trying to figure out what was tripping it. Turns out it was the motor home. Looks like I fried my main power distribution panel.
  5. nick c

    Shitters Full

    Having a hell of a time with my black tank. Every time I go to drain it I get a few gallons of waste to drain and then it stops. So I end up having to run a hose down the toilet and pump water through to break up the solids. I'm using the RV toilet paper. Last weekend I was camping at...
  6. nick c

    07 Chevy trail-blazer charge light

    I've spent the last few weeks reading threads on various forums and either my search skills suck or my problem seems to be just a little different then what I keep reading about. The wife has a 2007 Trailblazer with the 4.2, 120k and motor/accessories are all stock as far as I know. When...
  7. nick c

    another carfax request

    Looking at this truck, pretty close to pulling the trigger. 1GCHK23U84F183545 Anyone got a subscription that can run it for me? Thanks
  8. nick c

    I'm Nick

    and I joined the man boy rainbow lovechild club tonight. I get inducted in the morning.
  9. nick c

    carfax request

    Selling my truck, curious if anyone could do me a favor that has a carfax license and send me a report on it. 1FTJW36F6VEA84285 thank you
  10. nick c

    Importing from BC - RV Edition

    I know its been asked a few times about buying a vehicle in BC and bringing into the state. What about an RV? Anyone done it, anyone have any advice? There are a couple Class C's up in Canuckistan that have been popping up in my searches and they look like decent deals and clean units. So...
  11. nick c

    Bathroom builder supply

    The wife and I were given some cash for Christmas to help us get started on our home projects we've been putting off. Guess my mom is hinting an updated guest bathroom would be nice. :redneck: All the stuff in the big box stores is junk, might as well buy from ikea as far as vanities...
  12. nick c

    Toyota clutch master cyl bleeding

    I give up, I posted on Pirate and I'm posting here. Need some help figuring this out. It's Tuesday so I'm taking my chances, need pointers on getting my clutch master cylinder bled. Apologies for the long post, but wanted to get as many details as what I've tried out there. 85 4runner...
  13. nick c

    Crawl Mag

    Has everyone got Issue 48? Gavin told me his came this week, and I see on their FB page some people got them last week. Figured I'd ask here if anyone is still expecting theirs, before I bothered them with an email about it. I still think my mail-man is reading them first...:corn:
  14. nick c

    Reiter Foothills Labor Day

    Anyone going to be out there this weekend? Our camping plans fell through, so we are thinking of camping at the in-laws spaces in Nature Trails. Figure since we will be right down the road I might haul the 4runner up.
  15. nick c

    Used equipment

    My boss has asked me to look around to find a forklift for our shop. Where would one go about finding a used forklift? I've never bought any sort of equipment. Figure I'll start on Google tonight when I get home and have more time but for now thought I'd see if any of you have knowledge to...
  16. nick c

    Ben w

    Anyone have a phone number for him.
  17. nick c

    Cone washers suck

    Bachelor for the weekend, so i thought I'd finally get my front axle torn apart and repaired. Can't get the 4 cone washers loose in the hi-steer arms. I've had them sitting in penetrating oil for 3 days. Tried all the normal tricks, hit them with a acetylene torch to get them warm. Nothing...
  18. nick c

    Having a 7.3 is fun...timing is great

    Coming down to the wire for 2 trips I'm supposed to take the tow rig on, 1 trip each weekend for the next 2 weekends. This weekends trip would be a bummer to miss, as it's my cousins graduation but if I did miss it not the end of the world. However the following weekend is already paid for and...
  19. nick c

    RV sleeping for infants

    Trying to come up with a way to prevent our 1 year old from falling off the bed in the new camper. Last summer she was small enough we just used a laundry basket as a crib. This summer that's not going to work out. I told the wife we could just pile up pillows but she's ofcourse worried...
  20. nick c

    Campers and Super Hitch/Extensions

    The wife and I are upgrading our camper (which wont take much from the last one). I was telling Gavin today I don't know why but for some reason I'm scared to tow with a super-hitch extension. I saw Karl's KOH pictures, he was rocking what looked like an 11 foot camper, and towing a trailer...