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    ladder bars for 99 super duty

    Iv got a 99 f-350 with 10 inches of lift and Im looking for ladder bars. Anybody on here make some good looking ones? Or were should I look for them?
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    Evans Creek Evans trail closed?

    I drove up to evans tonight and the road that goes to the bottom of the 102 and 198 was blocked by rocks. It didnt look like a slide either, it looked like an excavator placed large boulders across the road. Does anyone know anything about this? Are they trying to shut down trails up there? I...
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    Titty bars are amazing

    Tonight was my 18th birthday and I just got back from the titty bar for my first time. I didnt realize just how awesome they are. They are the best thing since wheeling.(a close second to wheeling) It is way to hard to not spend money when they have a cash machine right in the place.:beer::redneck:
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    Swamped a toyota

    So tonight at a local wheeling spot, a buddy in a 92 toy pickup with a 3.0 and stock intake tried going through the deepest mud hole. He hit it a little hard and it died with water half way up the drivers head light (the same side that the intake is on) he tried to start it and the starter just...
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    I was wondering when this would happen.

    I never liked the idea of someone being able to remotley disable my vehicle. I like lo-jack but I dont want anyone to be abe to shut off my vehicle from a computer:mad: http://
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    Own a man cave

    I just saw there commercial on T.V.. If you had disposable income and didnt want to build your own shop for some reason this would be pretty sweet.
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    custom spring pack questions

    I picked up some waggy 7 leafs at the swap meet. On the front of a buddies 88 yota He is running 2nd gen toyota rears that he keeps bending. So for the spring pack we are planning on useing the top two toyota leaves, and the top 4 waggy leafs excludeing the main. We are probably going to leave...
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    Evans Creek Pics evans 2-27-10

    Here are some pics strarting on the next post.
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    What front springs?

    My buddy has a 88 yota on 1 tons and 40s with 63 chevs in the rear which work great, and stock toyota rears in the front. We were screwing with the rear T-case and couldnt get it into 4 wheel. so we tried driving onto a big rock and bent another right front spring.(When he got it the right front...
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    Evans Creek Evans tomorow 2-20

    I want to go up to evans tomorow but I cant find anybody to go up with If your going up and dont mind me taging along let me know. I am open on 31s but I can run most trails at evans. I PM'd NOTSOPC but he hasnt replied to me yet so I dont know if he cares if I tag along.
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    4.0 carburated intake manifold

    I am thinking about doing a 4.0 head swap onto my 258. I am trying to find a carburated intake manifold that will fit on a 4.0 head, so that I can avoid all of the hassles of EFI wiring. But I can not find anywhere that sells a carburated 4.0 intake manifold. Has anyone found somewhere that...
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    turbo 400 to dana 20

    Tonight I pulled the stock quadratrac T-case out of my buddys 81 j-10. I was wondering if a dana 20 would bolt up to the th400, and if not what selectable T-case should bolt up to the th-400 as is, or will he need an adapter.
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    Welding AMC20 diff

    I was wondering if anybody had advice on welding my diff. Also can I do it with it still in the rear end?
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    Sweet cj-7 on barret jackson

    I saw an 83 cj-7 go for 36,000 dollars on Barret Jackson. I was wondering why this thing went for so much I just cant figure it out. Is nice paint and some chrome really worth that much?[/URL]