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    Little information to read up on
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    SEMA goes off road check it out. Sign up for the news letters and show support
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    Sno County WATV signatures needed
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    Don't figure

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    Reiter Foothills Reiter foothills meeting tonight

    from 7 - 9 PM in the East Public Meeting Room in the Snohomish County Building (3000 Rockefeller Ave)
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    Reiter Foothills Work party

    Might need a few hands to dig a couple holes and plant some post. We need to get this back up to be in compliance to stay open. If lots of people can show up for a few, then it will not take long and then we can all go about our day.
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    OK electricians

    OK electrician guys I am totally confused. But have also learned a lot. I just can’t get the math to work out So here is the problem 6 - #6 2 / 220 50 amp circuits 3 - #8 1 / 220 40 amp circuit 3 - #10 grounds So I have over 6 conductors so that put me in the 70% fill of conduit. I did...
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    Shop heaters

    SO I am on the search for heaters and came across these. I just don't know is it is worth spending the extra for the 93 efficient heater
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    Please read
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    Yep bet you don't have one of these

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    Reiter Foothills Update for today :awesomework:
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    Reiter Foothills Today

    I just might cause some havoc today.............. Just in case someone cared
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    I spy

    A green mustang running around Sultan today :awesomework::cheer: Nice day for it
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    Just FYI

    The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is beginning a process to develop policies relating to the use of motorized vehicles on State Parks long-distance trails. The agency has received requests from adjacent landowners for crossings and linear use of the trail for agricultural and...
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    Reiter Foothills 4x4 work party

    More to come as information comez foward
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    KOH give a way

    Pretty easy, if you have this exact one. Get ahold of me. I have something for you
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    So cool
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    It's here

    crap, yes the white crap is falling from the sky
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    9 pin to USB

    Any one got one that I can use in the Skykomish valley area
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