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    forun ??

    where did the internet babe forum go???
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    ?? for jeep owners

    anyone have a mid 70s CJ with a SB chevy and fenderwell headers? if so can you shot some header, engine area frame pics for me... thanks
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    Mud Bog Races

    I hear that there are some MB racing around Tenio Wa, this weeked. Can anyone elaborate further on this??? thanks
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    mighty mouse truck

    does anyone know if that mighty mouse 1 ton dually ever sold???? thanks:corn:
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    machinist/machine shop

    is there:hi: a resident around here ??? I need a tranny/ trans case coupler made
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    redrilling axle bolt pattern

    I have a 88 Dodge D 100. it has the 9 1/4 rearend with the 5x5.5 lug pattern. I would like to redrill to 5x4.5. using 1/2 screw in studs.. anyone around here do it. thanks :hi:
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    guy on here buys a rearend for 50.00 and its relisted here within a few hours for 200.00 ya think he would of waited 24 hrs or so... LOL:corn:
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    King Count code ???

    anyone know the KCC here in Wa that pertains to how many vehicles you can have on your own property. thanks :corn:
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    buss n buggy

    saw a fancy bus/motor home with 2 buggys on a trailer go through Preston towards Fall City yesterday.. anybody here? sweet machines..:hi:
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    fishing report

    anyone go out? where did you go ?? do any good ??:hi:
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    Chev/GMC diff ??

    what were the factory options for posi type units in a 78/79 3/4 ton 4x4 truck? I know its a 14 bolt but it appears to be a detroit locker. Is this possible? thanks:corn:
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    diesel shop name??

    whats the name of that hotrod diesel shop in Enumclaw? Friends pump went out on her CTD and lives close to the scratch... thanks
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    QQs for the K5 Blazer

    knowledgeable folks. what is the length of the rear springs on this style of Blazer?? thanks:hi:
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    Toyota motorhome ???

    how did they do the dually thing on them???:confused:
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    yoder moder Qs

    buddy has a 91 PU with a bad 3.0. the machine shop ruined the block. can he use a 89 block under the 91 heads, intake ect?? thanks:hi:
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    Elk Hunters

    good luck to all going out this weekend.. :awesomework::awesomework:
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    Beer for my horses

    oops I meant Beer for your welding. I need a Bull/light bar welded. Anyone on the eastside near Redmond interested?:corn:
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    ? 4 u tube benders

    can anyone here bend rectangular tubing :hi::corn::awesomework:
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    Evening Magazine at 7 on 5

    supposed to be a segment on 4 wheeling in the Seattle area...
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    what thecherokeekid wants

    a real fisn and boat :stirpot: