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    Carhart Convention

    This is the first year in 25 that I won't have a booth and be there. Living the dry life in Az.
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    More on brakes

    These all have ABS and you need to use a scan tool to bleed the ABS.
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    What's a good ball joint?

    I use the synergy ones, all metal, last ones were 200.
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    Evans Creek Evans creek info...

    They closed Crystal mountain so I would imagine the fire danger at Evans is pretty high.
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    Stopping By

    I think it is smaller now, after the last hurricane.
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    WTB.. Dana 44 rear axle

    Call Gary Marshall, just easier.
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    [Ad Closed] 8-lug Dana 44 with High Steer

    Sent you a message.
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    Finally....Da new rig..

    Use flat or satin paint on the hood.
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    Lets talk TVs

    I had 2 Vizio's and both work great still, one 50 and one 32 both smart TV's.
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    If anybody is bored tonight

    Went to the races in Monroe sorry girl friend took precedence.
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    Let's talk diesels.

    I worked on a Dodge at Lanes that had 1.3 million miles on it. he towed stuff.
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    [Ad Closed] 1978 Jeep J-10 Honcho Project

    would you take 1000.00 for everything?
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    2004 Wrangler 4.0L Problems

    Remove the exhaust at the manifold and check the upstream cats they are the ones that always go out.
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    2004 Wrangler 4.0L Problems

    Try cleaning the carbon, I use the Chrysler combustion cleaner per the instructions.
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    Reiter Rock Crawling Competition

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    Paint selection

    I used spray bedliner, covers well and stays longer.
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    Da 4th

    I broke some Jeep parts.
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    Dad and Isabelle do Wallace

    Great job dad she will remember for the rest of her life.
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    Reiter Rock Crawling Competition

    Give it a try.
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    Reiter Rock Crawling Competition

    My scanner has quit working, how else can I get this to you Karl?