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  1. nick c

    Moonshiners 4x4 Swapmeet 3-6-16

    Another year down. Sold 1 booth off to Larry Gipson and threw some crap I had laying around in my other booth. I got a hang over and sold all my crap. Bought a nice little Suzuki 50cc for a song, couldn't pass up the deal. But I've gotta say, people forgot how to buy/sell crap at a...
  2. nick c

    2016 Spanaway Moonshiners Swap Meet thread

    I'll have my normal spots in the Showplex near the south bathrooms, adjoining Jim Putmans spots. Not sure how much I have to sell, and also not sure if I'm doing the big drunk fest party or not. It'd be nice to go to the swapmeet not hung over and tired one year. Lol.
  3. nick c

    Merry Christmas Giveaway

    Continuing Gavin's, The trip back...I was in front wheel drive only and couldn't climb hills in the loose Naches gravel/dirt for nothing. So we knew taking the wagon trail back wasn't going to happen. We headed out on one of the forest roads, ran into an old timer in a CJ and asked him...
  4. nick c

    Merry Christmas Giveaway

    These pictures are from the trip.
  5. nick c


    its time to replace the cabin batteries in the motor home. I know 2 6 volt batteries is the way to go, but what's the best bang for the buck? This past weekend while hunting I'd wake up in the morning with the heater off because the batteries were dead. I carry a Honda Eu1000 to charge the...
  6. nick c

    Just moved in to Puyallup

    Hey we all make mistakes mine was just a really really expensive one.
  7. nick c

    Just moved in to Puyallup

    Welcome. Nice looking rig. Hopefully we get some snow this year, with a rig that's a little wider snow wheeling is always fun. Love the Nissan, I was in a Nissan group for years before I bought my 4Runner.
  8. nick c

    Lets see your RVs

    What motor does that '15 Minnie have?
  9. nick c


    I moved your pictures Albino 94ltd, pictures like that shouldn't be in the chatterbox as anyone on the web can find that and use it to further hurt us.
  10. nick c

    Made it to Surprise Lake

    I moved this post from the chatterbox. Originally posted by albino 94LTD Bad decision in my book. Maybe I shouldn't post the pics but it really pissed me off when I saw it.
  11. nick c


    Didn't even realize who it was by the screen name (didn't recognize the rig) until someone told me who he is. Now its even worse, Daryl dude you know better then to A - do what you did and B - atleast dont post pictures of it. Straight dumbass move.
  12. nick c


    Saw your message on your thread that you deleted. Sorry you feel the need to be done here. How about instead you stick around and learn from your mistakes. We all need to do our part to keep what we have open and that includes educating ourselves. :beer:
  13. nick c

    Let's Party

    Inaccurate statement. I'm not a closet Jeff Gordon fan. I AM a Jeff Gordon fan, no joke. one of the best drivers of all time in auto-racing.
  14. nick c

    Ellensburg Rodeo

    You'll get white girl wasted and pass out... :fawkdancesmiley:
  15. nick c

    Ellensburg Rodeo

    Just another person shaggin in the camper, I'd hate to see it with a black light. :masturbanana[1]:
  16. nick c

    Ellensburg Rodeo

    You wont have your shit together... :stirpot::fawkdancesmiley:
  17. nick c


    I had the Air Lift load lifters on my twin to your truck. Never had a problem, even when I had it flexed out with the camper on it up at Salmon La Sac.
  18. nick c

    H2 rims worth?

    Chrome or the silver painted? Tires? I bought a set for my Silverado with 35" bfgs for 300, but that was a few years ago. I've seen them on Craigslist with no tires or junk tires for $150-250 recently.
  19. nick c

    Did someone on here adopt out a white Boxer pup?

    Odd question but back in 2008 or 2009, I helped a co-worker adopt a white Boxer pup. Well the friend is trying to find who they got the pup from as they are wanting to get another Boxer pup soon. For some reason I seem to remember it being someone on here that had the pup.
  20. nick c

    Overheated wiring

    I will admit I was bad and was using the 30A to 15A adapter to run my A/C while on a generator. The plug got hot a couple times but the rest of the cord never got warm so I didn't worry about it too much. And it never tripped the breaker inside the motor home. Then Monday I had it plugged...