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    [Ad Closed] 1999 Comanche/Cherokee doors and fenders - FREE or TRADE

    Hello all, When I bought my 1989 Comanche it came with some extras, including 1999 doors and front fenders (1 set of each). I don't have anywhere to store them and I really don't want to mess around with the conversion, ever, so I am hoping someone here does. I also have the mirrors and door...
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    I knew I shoulda kept my "Buggy" !

    This is great to bad it's not been my reality... <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I love them Mud-Wiggers :haha:
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    Not new but new ride

    Hi, I'm not a new member here, but I've switched sides. I traded my 1982 C-j8 thing to this cat from 4-locked Films for my 1994 D1. Driving style has been adjusted per manufacturer instructions regarding off road driving How can you not enjoy driving a vehicle that is built to drive hard...
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    the MELVINS!!!!

    25th Anniversary show, Green River opens, I'm on my way. That is all!! :flipoff::fawkdancesmiley::flipoff:
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    Poll: Are you employed?

    Just wondering what the employment/unemployment "reality" is around here. P.S. This poll will not show who voted for what in case you are sensitive about your status.
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    Get Out And Vote Today

    Democrats, Repub... or sorry.."GOP", Libertarians, whatever... GET OUT AND VOTE TODAY!!!! Otherwise you have not eared the right to complain about "the Gubment" See you on the other side! M
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    Thanks! (you know who you are)

    Thanks for the Goldschlagger :awesomework:
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    The Stallion (Pt. 2)

    For hither not, I am the stallion. Come fear, come love, I am the stallion. You know that I am the stallion, mang. I am, I am the stallion, mang. You know that I am the stallion, mang. I live, I walk, I am the stallion, mang. Hair-throng goo-tongue, stallion mang. A 2 S-T-A-L-L-I-O-N I...
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    This has nothing to do with anything.... :011: :crazyguy: :nana1: :nana1: :nana1: :bananadance: :bananadance: :bananadance: :masturbanana[1]: :masturbanana[1]: :masturbanana[1]:
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    Help I've infected!!!...with adware.....

    Looking for advice here... The Mother in law has a Windows PC infected with Adware/spyware etc.. IE has been hijacked altogether and we need to clean this fawker out. My question to you PC users is what is the best allaround program to get rid of these kind of things? please excuse my...
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    Doin the Cheese.....

    I'm planing on heading over to Nachese this weekend, anybody wanna meet up? I'll most likely head over 90 on Friday night (July 28- July 30) , drive up Milk Creek Road to the end of the road (for red White and Blue, my tow rig) then Sat a.m. run Shoestring? hit all the high lights, then drink...
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    Snort: Fear Me Challenge #4

    S.N.O.R.T. FEAR ME CHALLENGE #4 Date: 13 August 2006 Location: CLASSIFIED for participants only Course: CLASSIFIED for participants only Requirements: Minimum 35" tires Lockers front and rear Working winch (winch must be capable of pulling the full weight ov the vehicle) 6 point...
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    Hi I'm Mark

    Hello I'm Mark I like jeeps. I live in Snohomish. I'm a S.N.O.R.T. Member. See you on the boardS!:kiss: