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    Moving sale.

    I am selling everything in my house this weekend Saturday and sunday. I have some tools for sale and all furniture including a king size sleep number bed. I am selling my house also, I cannot afford it on disability. 515051st st sw Everett wa 98203
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    Snow wheeling

    Our club will be headed over to ruby creek son Saturday for an overnight run. If you want to go for the day you can do that also. We will meet at thr Sultan McD's at 8 for breakfast and leave around 8:30. Let me know if you plan on going. rick
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    Naches Ranger Distri2

    Signs are printed and supposed to be going up this weekend closing all motorized trails in the Naches district until further notice. Anyone see any yet? Official notice is probably Monday.
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    Overnight run

    Here are a few pictures from our overnight snow run last weekend, we went into Manastash, had a few stock rigs with us so we didn't make either of the cabins so camped in the campground. Had a good time. You can run into the area until they start grooming the roads, they started Saturday night...
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    We, 4X4XNorthwest are heading up to Manastash Nov 1st for an overnight run. We are going to put up some signs and do some wheeling, camping out where ever we stop. If anyone would like to go let me know. Rick
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    Manastash Ridge

    We went up this weekend to check out our adopt-a-trails before Jamboree and put up new signs. What much of the trails above Shoestring lake look like. One of our signs survived. The new ones, still have to do trail names and numbers. Only 2 rigs could make this weekend. Ron...
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    Saturday/Sunday snow wheeling

    We did a little wheeling/camping over the weekend at Ruby creek. The entrance Brent leading, there was a crust on the snow and sugar snow under so it was blast forward then back and repeat. What do you mean 10lbs is too much. :haha: Steve leading for a while. Icicles, was...
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    Naches run

    We are running the Naches trail and whatever else we find this weekend. We are starting Friday night to run the Naches and will camp on the trail. Probably will run Kaner up to Lily pond and then over to Funny Rocks. Back through the Naches on sunday. Meeting at the Safeway/Mcdonalds in Enumclaw...
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    Reiter Foothills Trying the new Reiter

    A few of us went out to Reiter today, had to work yesterday so missed the work party but we spent a few hours today, got very wet but had fun. I had to winch 3 times through the connector trail so the others skipped it, but ran the rest and it was fun. Had to pull the DNR...
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    Liberty Labor Day weekend.

    Ran a bunch of trails this last weekend in Liberty, ran with Steve and Shannon here on the board and Mark. Yotadude1997 and Zuk 88. We ran the upper trails on Sat and had a night run on Sat on a upper trail we had not been on before. Sun we ran the other side of the highway, not many people on...
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    Manastash snow run

    We were going to to in the Wenas area but found it gated and closed until May 1 so we headed up the Taneum to see how far we could get. Since they now groom all these roads it was much easier than we thought it would be. There were no closure signs or snopark barriers so we just kept going and...
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    Snow playing in the cheese

    We are going to head over to the Naches area the 30-31 for any overnight snow run. Not sure which roads yet but we will find some to run. Meet at Kens truck stop in N.Bend at 8:00 am for breakfast. rick
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    Evans Creek Evans saturday

    We ran Evans yesterday, Mike (Horus) came out and ran with us. This was the first run for my new to me LJ. Found out right away the lockers did not work so I figured I would not be getting along too well with smaller all-terrain tires but I have to say the bridgestone duelers worked very well on...
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    A little mishap.

    Had a little mishap on the 405 yesterday night coming back from a day at Evans creek. Both my wife and I walked away with only bumps and strains. 3 or 4 rolls at 60mph at 85th in Kirkland. Roll cage worked, seat belts worked, thank god.
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    Climbing in the Outlet Mall

    The letter of the month in Climbing magazine is about the outlet mall with a picture of some one's buggy climbing one of the rocks, comments about the "send". :haha: Couldn't find it online to link to.
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    Manastash Trail cleanup.

    We ran up to our adopt-a-trail, 309, this weekend to clean it up. Found quite a bit of snow still and alot of blow downs to cut out. On sunday we ran Tripod flats up to funny rocks. Here is the trash we picked up along that trail. some damage on the trail between funny...
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    Moab in August

    Here are some picts from our recent trip to Moab and the Maze area of Canyonlands.
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    4X4XNorthwest at Rimrock

    We spent the July 4th weekend at Rimrock, 2 cj's, 2yj's and 2 Rubicons. We ran Memorial Meadows up friday and down Blue Slide after a stop at Blue lake and the Blue Slide lookout. Brian on the hill. Jim on the hill. Jackie, Brian, and Jim headed into the snow. Brian and Tony in...