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    karl vp
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    Need BBC engine.

    Dad toasted another engine. Looking for a 454 Chevrolet / GMC engine. His is a 1998 "Vortec" styled. Will consider others. Truck is 1998 GMC 3/4 ton, 4x4, with 454cu in (7.4Liter), Automatic. last engine was 6 years ago (but only a few thousand miles) and was used. Sourced it...
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    Mike Mike Mike Mike

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    Hey Karl

    How'd you do at the rock crawl?
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    video posting;

    trying to post video from Youtube. Cannot seem to get it to work. Any ideas?
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    Idaho Wheeling.

    See y'all later. Leaving in the morning for Idaho wheeling. First stop is in the neighborhood of McCall, Idaho. ..
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    Hoodoo, down in Orego

    See y'all later. Wheelin the Hoodoo down in Oregon. :)
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    Older TJ lift kit advice

    I recently worked on a 99 TJ, with an older long arm lift kit installed. The lift kit had brackets attached to the mid-frame rails, and long arms. The long arms were two piece design, with threaded section in the middle of the arms, which allowed the 'articulation' of the arms, thereby negating...
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    [Ad Closed] Early jeep windshield

    Early jeep windshield, glass intact. $300
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    Olympic 4x Snohomish.

    Olympic 4x Snohomish, going out of business. Auction Feb 22. James G Murphy Auction Co. Details on Book of Faces. Dozen Car Lifts, bunch of benders, more equip than I'll type. Hundreds of Jeep tubs / bodies. More parts than the Moonshiners Swap meet, all going to auction. Sad day...
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    Willys army jeep, maybe korea ?

    Anybody ever see one of these? IF so, share with me what you know. Never seen this windshield, and also can't remember and 3B in military service.
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    Good deal? Trailer axles. 8 lug.
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    Need 15 inch wheels, 5 on 5.5

    Wanted to buy, cheap set of steel wheels, 5 on 5.5, 15inch. Really prefer 8 inch wide, but 7s might work, and 10 inch wide is also OK. Thanks in advance. Need them to throw some tires on for rollers for a year or so. Already have a decent set of used tires, unfortunately, wrong lug pattern.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all my friends on NW Wheelers... Here's to a wonderful Christmas and The hope to a great new year. And, just maybe, a little more four wheeling.
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    Michael, aka, Crash

    Can you fix this; Thanks. Tony
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    [Ad Closed] Dana 60 Detroit Locker

    I have a full case, Detroit Locker, for 4.56 gears (and numerically higher). Currently has 40 spline side gears (factory broached case), but I can also include the 30 spline side gears, and, the 35 spline side gears. For Dana 60. The case was 100 operational, and was removed to install a 40...
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    Evans Creek Evans landslide.

    NOT from me
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    2017 NFL thread

    How bout that.... Cowboys are undefeated. Seahawks and Patriots both haven't won a single game.
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    WTB.. Dana 44 rear axle

    Wanted to buy; Dana 44 rear axle.. appropriate width for Jeep YJ / TJ style vehicle. Prefer 5 on 5.5 lug pattern. Will pay extra for 4.56 ratio. With or without lockers is OK. Will consider alternative axles, if it makes sense, such as an 8.8 or D60 Thanks. Tony