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  1. comanchekid

    Yukon VS Nitro VS ?

    John can get you Nitro gears.. call him...
  2. comanchekid

    02 Sensor Data

    At 155k it wouldn't be a bad Idea to replace the up stream o2 sensors. But on most hot soak issues on the 4.0 liters its the injectors getting hot. Do you still have the tinfoil fiber thing on your intake manifold? And we have fixed a few Jeeps with your problem having the Injectors...
  3. comanchekid

    "Hard" Rootbeer....

    I've tried all the Hard rootbeer out. I really like Coney Island Rootbeer.
  4. comanchekid

    WTF?! Used tow rig for a decent deal, unpossible?
  5. comanchekid

    Winterize it?

    all I do is drain the water tanks, water pump and open all the faucets. I bought a top cover from camping world.
  6. comanchekid

    Lets see your RVs

    Here's mine. 2000 Newmar Dutch Star 35' Diesel pusher Cummins 350hp Allison 6speed. 33K miles... Its parking spot... :eek:
  7. comanchekid

    Which one of you guys is this...???

    I swear I've seen this rig broken down on the side of the road in Renton..
  8. comanchekid

    Porting steering box for hydro assist

    Its not to hard but you need to be kinda precise when drilling the holes and taping it... and you have to take the box apart.... I don't know where you are located but if you bring the box in we can do it for you at Auburn Car Repair and Offroad. Hit up John (Avanteone) for a quote..
  9. comanchekid

    Caption this

    I had a Acura come in once with the air box full of dog food. It had to be enough to fill a 5 gallon bucket half way... Also scared the shit out of myself when I checked a air filter on an oil change and saw a LIVE Rat staring back at me....
  10. comanchekid

    GTA 5 ....too realistic haha

    The strip clubs are Awesome too....:masturbanana[1]:
  11. comanchekid

    What is wrong with my Tow rig

    Shake down the front end... Ball joints are a common problem could be a tie rod or your steering box could be bad..... Or take it over to Crashes house and have him look at it....
  12. comanchekid

    Random Cell Phone Photos Thread....

    Fuel Injected Flat Head This pulled up next to me at a stop light....
  13. comanchekid

    Boat Parts

    Does anyone know someone that owns or works at a boat shop... We need one Aluminum Exhaust Manifold for a Kodiak 5.7.....
  14. comanchekid

    Toyota People are Weird

    I just don't get it.... :stirpot:
  15. comanchekid

    Reiter Nov 1st "test day"

    I love the sound of Horus rig...
  16. comanchekid


    You did it wrong its suppose to go like this.. PEBvd1u4yf0
  17. comanchekid

    The gun show at the fair grounds.

    I guarantee my $600 rifle shoots just as good as Joops $1200 rifle... For a weekend plinker you don't need to spend tons of money...
  18. comanchekid

    The gun show at the fair grounds.

    The lower is Surplus ammo & arms with DPMS internals. The upper is from Del-ton. 16" light weight 5.56. Magpul Moe grip, hand guard and buttstock.
  19. comanchekid

    The gun show at the fair grounds.

    Your better off building one yourself. I think I have $600 into my AR before I replaced the red dot with a scope...