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  1. skinny_pedal

    Everybody's like look eggnog and I'm like

  2. skinny_pedal

    Anybody ever own a KLR650?

    I've been looking at them because they are cheap and seem like the perfect bike for what I want to do. People either love them or hate them. Anyone?
  3. skinny_pedal

    Last blast Naches wheeling

    I always go wheeling wheeling the last weekend it's open on the west side. Plan to head out Friday night(13th). Hopefully get a night run in:cool: Then just a good day of wheeling Saturday. Should be a good amount of snow bye then also. Be camped right at Pyramid pass off 70rd
  4. skinny_pedal

    Heater switch wiring

    I picked up a mojave heater but didn't get a switch. I bought a heater(rotary) switch from Napa. Believe from a 70's ford truck. Napa HC313. Any how, anybody know the wiring for this switch so I can get my heater wired. I believe the top 3 are Low, Medium, high. Assuming bottom left my power...
  5. skinny_pedal

    Good rv camping spots on the coast

    Were picking up a new camper. The other half wants to go to Cannon Beach for her birthday next month. I said were taking the camper to justify buying it. Anyone know any good spots that are on or able to see the ocean? Would like to see the beach from the camper. Does not have to be in Cannon...
  6. skinny_pedal

    2 stroke on the trails

    Anyone running a 2 stroke dirt bike for trail riding? If so what and how do you like it?
  7. skinny_pedal

    Ellensburg Rodeo

    So thinking me and the girl are going to head to the Rodeo this year. Pretty sure I'll have a camper on my truck. Anyone know anywhere cheap to camp in the area?
  8. skinny_pedal


    Who do you think makes a better product. Firestone of ride rite? Needing to order a set soon.
  9. skinny_pedal

    Who will put a tube in a beadlock around here?

    Guy in my club needs a tube put in his 31x10.5 on his race jeep. It's on a beedlock, know anyone that will do this?
  10. skinny_pedal

    Getting logged out

    On my iPhone it won't remember me being logged on. Have to sign in every time. iPad and computer no issues?
  11. skinny_pedal

    Heavy truck differential repair

    Who other than Fleet Pride rebuilds big boy differentials? I have a unit that needs a new carrier and its not something I want to do
  12. skinny_pedal

    Anyone have a Silverado w/ torklift mounts?

    03-07? Hoping you can snap a pic of how they attach. Being cheap and rather just make them.
  13. skinny_pedal

    Turbo rebuilder in Puget Sound

    Got a turbo off a Internstional Dt466 I want gone through. Anyone have any recommendations?
  14. skinny_pedal

    Evans Creek Post opening night run!

    So normally there's a group of us that goes up opening night, seeing how that's a work night that's not gonna fly. So I'd like to get a group and head up Friday night. Maybe meet 9 at the Burnett store and head up.
  15. skinny_pedal

    Wood stove users

    How hot does your house end up getting? Got mine up to 81. Was miserable, the other half was still curled up in a blanket:eeek: I try and keep it around 72
  16. skinny_pedal

    Enclosed trailer

    Anyone have an enclosed trailer they want to rent this Saturday or Sunday? In the middle of moving and don't trust the weather. Rather give my money to someone here than uhaul. My truck has a brake controller and insurance:flipoff:
  17. skinny_pedal

    Evans Creek End of the year run

    It's that time of the year again! We did this last year and had at one point over 20 rigs in our group. The snow is coming down and should make conditions awesome. Say 9:00-9:30 meet at the Burnett store. Hope it can be another big turnout:cool::cheer:
  18. skinny_pedal

    Anyone doing vinyl on hear anymore?

    I thought someone bought Joops vinyl machine. Anyone doing vinyl still?
  19. skinny_pedal

    Evans Creek Funky Time

    I'm going to head up there that Sunday. Plan to be at the staging area about 9. My boss will be there in his virgin TJ:redneck: should be fun:cool::beer:
  20. skinny_pedal

    Sending boots back to Danner

    I have a pair of Danner Super Rainforest that are 8-9 years old. They need new soles and the leather could use some love. When you send them back to Portland do they come back pretty good? Or do I need to nut up and buy another pair?