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    Triple Burn Out...

    Who thinks of this shit?
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    NWW Family needs some help

    Shane is good people. Know him for a while now and I know if we lived closer we would be better friends. SHANE I'm sorry for this. I don't have much right now but if I can help I will. I have some furniture and stuff. I'll see what I can do. Hang in bud. Between all the good people you've run...
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    So, I got a new tow rig
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    Evens pics sunday Nov 23

    looks sweet up there!!!
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    Best stuck w/pics and details!

    Had a pretty good one Sat. up at Reiter. Broke the drivers u-joint and both ball joints in a puddle behind the parking lot.. took 5 hours to skid it out....
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    Reiter Foothills Reiter on Sat-Sun

    Went up there yesterday and after 15 min. of puddle jumping behind the parking lot broke badly. Took the rest of the day to "skid" the truck out to the trailer. I forgot how much I miss this shit.... Wanted to join up with some of you guys and maybe take a stab at the rock wall.....BUT maybe...
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    Reiter Foothills Reiter on Sunday

    DAMN!!! I gotta get up there again...
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    Labor Day Weekend

    It would be nice to get out this weekend...
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    MUDBOG!!! March 22nd

    Good I'll need a BS meter then too....
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    MUDBOG!!! March 22nd

    I want to test out my poo-o-meter.....Camo you going??
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    Big A** BOOM Last Night

    I was up it was lightning and thunder.....With some HARD ASS RAIN right before.....
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    Front DL Let Loose on Freeway *pics*

    Drivelines are overrated!!!! That floor got hosed!!!! Probibly woulda pooped if it happened to me!!!
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    any great diesel shop's

    Ya Free enterprise sucks ass huh?? I'm not saying that this is a hard job but I'm sure you would want someone at your side when first tackling it. Bagging on shops for this though is counter productive. You pay a premium when going to a shop for the labor and the fact that they have the...
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    MUDBOG!!! March 22nd

    OH SNAP SON!!!! If fun is going into a field of cow/horse shit!!! The WEB is where I'll stay.....
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    MUDBOG!!! March 22nd

    I think I was miss quoted......Spanaways GHAY!!!! And so is the mud there.....:fawkdancesmiley: :rb: :puke:
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    Today's work funny

    OMG!!! I can see it too. Client complaint; WHY THE FAWK IS MY KEY MADE IN CHINA!!?? Corrective action; REMOVE THE DAMN STICKER BEFORE THE CLIENT SEES IT!!!! HAHAHA!!!
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    Bail money!

    Aye Curumbia!!!!
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    MUDBOG!!! March 22nd

    Muds GHAY!!!
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    Project First Gen..

    That thing is SICK!!
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    Lets try this again

    Looks awesome!!!