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    mega winch

    i have a 12000 pound mega winch that has 4 solinoids need to know the wireing diagram for the solinoids it is a two speed winch lots of wires need help
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    nice truggyfall city

    any idea who has the blue toy truggy in fall city and the white somewhat exod runner...the blue truggy is about sick...i likey..:masturbanana[1]:
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    the cowlits river

    we just recently picked up a drift boat ..we are going to the cowlits in the morn..i was wandering has anyone went latly....pickin up any springers?how bout winter run stealies?
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    32nd annual green water party

    i thought id take a moment for a long time buddy and post this up here sense i got my flyer hand droped off by him a few days ago.some of you may remember our greenwater party.they dont let us do it up there any more..cuz of the salmon i think....well it is mostly invite only....but lots of you...
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    help sprung

    :redneck:anyone care to tell me im stupid for wanting to run these toy rears up front without adding a couple of extra springs...i wanna go hunting..but dont wanna break another spring.they should hold the weight .i have the usual winch bumper and exo...i was reading some stuff on here...chopy...
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    here spannaway gabe

    ok here she is! This is the only picture she would let me post..... ha ha ha ! just kidding! here is really her, and here also:masturbanana[1]::masturbanana[1]: now lets see your pics, guys
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    new here

    busy tested and aproved