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    Nifty b-day present for a 4yr old...
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    T100 Tunder Rear end

    are they worth a shit or junk? Whats the perks of these rear ends? other then being fullwidth?
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    Backhoe needed out along Eatonville Cut-off rd asap...

    A friend of mine had to put her horse down this morning (Jan 17th) due to liver failure... Thankfully its cold enough to keep him from stinking to quickly... :booo: pm me and I will forward your info on to her... or give you her number...:awesomework:
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    Anybody else subscribed to Madram11 on youtube? Those machines are SIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!:masturbanana[1]:
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    SAS S10 tips...

    I recently picked up a little 1983 S10 4x4 beater truck for a work rig till my 1994 F150 is ready... Since Iam getting another rig sooner then I thought, I have been doing some research on Solid Front Axles in S10's.... i know I can go the cheap easy route and throw a D30 under it, but why...
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    Eaton axles....

    Cool old Pikes Peak vid.....:awesomework: Found it while reading a thread on PBB..
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    Big iron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy B-day Kelly!!!!!:fawkdancesmiley::beer::beer: Hope Oregon is treating you well man...:awesomework:
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    Dumb fawk racist!!!! what a TOOL!!!:haha: Love the look on Alex's face...:awesomework:
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    Worth making the trip... this looks FUN!!!! Watch on full screen...:awesomework:
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    \ "The Pussification of America"

    Felonious Munk Presents: Stop It B! "The Pussification of America" By far the best vid of his yet!!! :awesomework::haha:
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    Parkland Tweekin Thieves!! Got my bro's stereo system!!

    So last night around 4-4:30 a.m. I went outside to check on the noises I heard outside. When I got out there, I saw a full-size, brick red, 80's ford pulled in front of my truck. It looked like people were dumping stuff in the dumpster, but this afternoon I went out to my truck to find all of my...
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    Caption this...

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    Mini Hydro's @ Spanaway Lake!!!

    for those in the south end, this is something cool to go watch on a short course lake...:awesomework: Walking down there in a few with my dogs....
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    Your thoughts... :corn: To much?
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    Well, Sold my XJ and in the process, I picked up a MOA crawler

    not new to the RC world, but Iam new to the RC Crawlers... LOVING THIS!!!! What type of mods and info do you have for this "newb"? ( first time in a LONG time, that I could even consider being called that on here:redneck:) Anybody near Tacoma/Spanaway that has a course and could feed me...
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    Yup... Thats what my day is going to consist of... Unloading and setting up the stage and show for those 3.... Being behind the scenes and being able to sit back and chill with the bands really....ummm... SUCKS ASS:fawkdancesmiley: Lost the satellite gig and got called back to the...
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    Caption this.. lol....

    :eeek: Sooo, did he really get punished? LMAO!!:haha:
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    Ok, maybe its just me.. But I think this is FUNNY AS FAWK!!!:redneck:
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    Seat covers

    Where do you buggy guys get your bucket seat covers? the ones you put over your seats to keep them dry while not in use... Want to pick a set up for my dad's rail...:awesomework:
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    Pat at THOSE GUY's!!!!!

    Happy B-day:awesomework::cheer::beer::beer::beer::beer: