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    Bitches For Jaws....

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    Evans Creek The road to Evans Creek

    I had heard that its one of only two state Hy Wy's in Washington state. that are more than two miles long, that are unpaved... Wonder where all that Forest Service pass money is going?
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    Elbe Hills Epic Busy run 2016

    Good times
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    Auto Glass - Near Maple Valley

    What this old guy said. Tom does great work:awesomework:
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    What's shurly worth?

    Sorry to hear that man. Glad I got to wheel with you. Ill never forget the day you tried to drive up the tree on the Alder Ext, Hill Climb.. dang near flipped it back wards. YOUR EYES GOT SO BIG. lol GOOD TIMES :awesomework::beer:
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    Elbe Hills Last one of the year. lets make it count.

    Last work party of the year.. we have a project planned out. But could use some help on this one.. Their is two piles of large rock to move. one from the landing between the Busy Wild and the Easy Wild. that we are shuttling down the trail about 1000 yards. And the other is in the middle of...
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    Bitches For Jaws....

    Amazing work as always...:beer::beer::beer:
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    Bitches For Jaws....

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    new guy

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    New-ish to site

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    Towing heavy?

    Ive had about 14k on the back of my 2500 did good... DODGE FOR THE WIN:cheer:
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    Toyota peeps

    metric gold. :haha:
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    TTC 2015, Entry #10, Please vote!

    Are you gonna cut those boggers?
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    Any good swapmeet scores?

    I got a winch that don't work.:mad:
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    WTF Winch Raffle at Moonshiner Swapmeet!

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    Big power or Big axles?

    For me BIG axles and Toyota power have been the key to success... but if I had a full on hill killer, or dedicated mud truck. Then BIG axle, BIG tire, BIG power, all the way
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    M/T Tire Debate

    This is what I put on my Tow rig. I love them.. Ive towed in to muddy fields snow they ride nice. seem to be lasting good and are fairly quiet on the road.. no complaints yet..
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    Model Railroads

    My grandpa built a really cool train set when I was little.. I loved it. But when he passed my cousins got it. and they trash everything probably didn't last a week.. As a kid tho they are cool.
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    brake cleaner

    Its hard to take a 55 gal drum with you on service calls...
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    Toyota Winshield/Cab Questions

    Buggy that bitch,.. Tom at A&Z auto glass can fix you up with a windshield.. pm me if you need his number :awesomework: