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  1. JAWS

    Elbe Hills Last one of the year. lets make it count.

    Last work party of the year.. we have a project planned out. But could use some help on this one.. Their is two piles of large rock to move. one from the landing between the Busy Wild and the Easy Wild. that we are shuttling down the trail about 1000 yards. And the other is in the middle of...
  2. JAWS

    Dozer vs Toyota
  3. JAWS

    Congrat Kevin

    Today at 11:24 am 5lb 9oz Newest little WTF member was born healthy and happy... :awesomework:
  4. JAWS

    Elbe Hills Elbe Hills Work Party

    June Work Party 8th and 9th... Come help keep the trails fun and open THANKS
  5. JAWS

    4WP one day sale Saturday June 8th

    BIG sale RTI ramp free give a ways Bikini car wash... Come out and say hi and hangout....
  6. JAWS

    Clutch ?

    I haven't pulled the trans yet.. But im pretty sure I blew up the clutch on the truck last weekend... Any input on what clutch to get if that is what broke... I know South bend and Valair are good brands... anyone had problems with ether? My trucks specs.. 99 Dodge 2500 5.9l turbo diesel...
  7. JAWS

    Happy Burfday Aintstuckjustrestin

    Happy Birthday....:beer::beer::beer::beer::wtf::puke::beer::beer:
  8. JAWS

    Who can tap my box

    I have a Toyota powersteering box (IFS) I need it tapped for Hydro Ast. :awesomework::beer:
  9. JAWS

    4WP March 16th

    4WP in Tacoma Wa. is having a big sale.. and WTF were asked to work the RTI contest.... Yes thats right contest... Win some cool prises for ramping your wheeler... Three classes Stock Modified Super modified Lets see whos RAMP KING...
  10. JAWS

    WTF member enters TTC

    One of out club members Craig has entered TTC lets get him voted in...:awesomework:
  11. JAWS

    R.I.P Bobby stickers

    JAWS offroad has abunch of these stickers in stock!! Asking for donations 100% of money rased goes to Tina!!!
  12. JAWS

    Toyota carb ?

    Is a 20R and 22R carbs interchangeable?
  13. JAWS

    4.0l ?

    I have a 98 cherokee in the shop!! I got it running. But it runs ruff.. Pulled codes. N got PO320 Crankshaft engine speed RPM sensor circuit malfuntion.. My question is ive seen CPS go out N a car die or not start will they still run if one is bad or going bad!!!
  14. JAWS

    SBC casting number ID?

    Casting reads 28 GM 3970010 Can any one tell me anything about it?
  15. JAWS

    Roll over!!

  16. JAWS

    Killer dowl pin question

    Ive herd mixed opions about when they changed and fixed the problem!!! I have a 99 Cummins 24v will my Dodge need it fixed or am i ok?
  17. JAWS

    Buggy back flip!!!!
  18. JAWS

    Elbe Hills Wheelin Elbe

    Hitting the trails this weekend!!! June 30-1st :awesomework:
  19. JAWS

    Whats up with WoW?

    Was up at Elbe last weekend doing some work on some trails!!! and their was a ton of people out their looking for the FUN RUN... I herd it got cancelled.. But it wasnt posted any where No signs posted!!! Thats kinda messed up!!! Any know if they are still up N running?
  20. JAWS

    Elbe Hills Work party/clean up 9th-10th

    Everyone come clean the trails you use!!!!! Hope to see you their!!!