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    mega winch

    i have a 12000 pound mega winch that has 4 solinoids need to know the wireing diagram for the solinoids it is a two speed winch lots of wires need help
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    Knives Made From Stuff

    every logger needs a hunting knife made of a old choker...i think that is tits :awesomework:
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    Oddest thing seen?

    grew up hanging at my cousens cabins up in liberty and ill tell u i have had the same thing happin to me alot...all the old gold claims out there...ive rode my dirt bike down single track trails to come on a hill billy gold mine camp several times ...trailers and old trucks that could not have...
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    Bantam 1946 (elk do not fit in jeeps well) trailer build

    i love that picture..wonder what state that is? montana.:redneck:
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    Hey Wheelin is fun

    most common mistake i see the learners make is they wheel in 4 high..dont know why anyone would just know its common ..if you want to wheel learn how to use your low range...then you will want lower gears and lockers and bigger gnarly tires...and so it begins ..Just Empty Every...
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    Sons of Guns

    liked by emmett lyons
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    straddleline is back!!!!!

    cool shit john...nice pass early on..
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    straddleline is back!!!!!

    thanx bro
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    straddleline is back!!!!!

    whats goin on out there this weekend? just wheeling on the new stuff?
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    A buggy's home

    ty whats up with the little fort or dog house a write up on it...the old saloon..its neat .
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    Who is....

    hp is a nice guy we meet him up at rieter and he threw me in the monster jeep as we went crawling over any thing that thing was pointed has a healthy big block in it ..500 + ponys under the hood.
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    Project Peanut Butter Jelly

    let me know when ur ready to test run her....206-909-9927....emmett...i dig it
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    Logging at Elbe?

    you guys are going to bite the hand that feeds you...or dnr ..nancy...they make money off the loggs...if you cut them you can be held liable
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    14 years ago today.....

    im 32 ive allways had something ..had a 84 k5 9 inch lift and 37s when i sold it had a 73 cj 5 on boggers and padles terras on front ..i used to tow behind every but worked on the jeep more then anything...then a 44 mb never finished so got rid of all them for the 69 chev 8...
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    Logging at Elbe?

    hey chopy...ur neighber need any help...?
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    Project Fire Hydrant....

    you need to out do phantom 309 and build a back yard boggin course!..then you can use the water to fill the holes and wash rigs off as they leave the next morn...:redneck:
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    The coming Ice Age

    i need to prepare for this event...any suckers out there wanna trade a set of 33 inch tsls for some 39.5 iroc snow wheeling extreme floaters?...i need to be ready for this..paint my gu:booo:ns snow camo today..dangit!!!!
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    Have you ever

    i need a job...u can watch me all u want...
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    Pics of Binder and others from Ground Hog

    LOL THAT DUDE HAS A JEEP...I MEAN TOYOTA AND ITS TITS ARE HANGING OUT....its topless:haha::fawkdancesmiley:
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    Log homes

    they are stagerd