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    Walker Valley goin to walker today

    Heading to walker right now if anyone wants to goin give me a call 525-359-9873
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    Wheelin this weekend?

    Hey there everyone, im trying to find out if anyones wheelin in the north end this weekend? Maybe Walker? My roommate has a mildly built zj an would like to try to get out on some trails this weekend it next before he deploys to Korea...TTFN:awesomework:
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    97 jeep 5.2l intake manifold gasket replace

    Hey everyone! Long time no talk to, anyways, I'm curious if any of you guys on here have done this job. Replacing the intake manifold gaskets on the 5.2l. My mom took it to the mechanic an they told her it would be 400 plus parts...I told her I could probly do it as long as nothing major needs...
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    Its Baaack!

    So the short an sweet of it is, i got my Bronco thingy back! kinda excited, but i gotta do a bunch of work to it....plan to sell it again...It was picked up by an impound yard, for expired tabs, it had a busted ujoint an the ignition gone, an the tranny pan is leakin like a
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    WooHooo! New job!

    I start a new job on monday! YIPPY! just thought I'd share my excitement will you guys. I am the new Parts Dispatcher at Ford of Kirkland! WOOT! LOL!.....SO bye bye Carquest an hello Ford! :)
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    Phone numbers???

    So I crushed my phone an verizon says they cant retrieve my if any of ya'll have my number, tex me or call me so i got urs if you didnt have it an want it, pm me an I will get it to ya...Thanks
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    Dash Light Problem on Ford

    So I got a 93 f150, One day my dash lights started goin off an on when I hit a large bump....but now I got no there a plug or somethin back there that coulda been knocked loose? an do I have to rip my whole dash apart to get to it??? any info would be nice, thanks!
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    Moving to Lake Wenatchee/Leavenworth?

    Soooo, I may be moving to my moms place right close to Lake Wenatchee, an I was wonderin if anybody knew of any jobs in that area?? I obviously cant keep my current job, 95miles one way is a LONG commute LOL! Thanks... The WinchBunny:redneck:
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    Question? is my situation... I was selling my blue f150 to a buddy of mine an he was supposed to be makeing me payents...right around $400 a month...well its been 3months an I've only recieved $130 so far. An he has had the truck since mid June. I know I was being stupid by not having...
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    85 XJ Build up

    1985 2dr XJ 2.5l auto...carbitated:awesomework: Soooo...i've kinda put together a small list of things to do to the jeep before I can take her out. -wheels an tires..want some close to 35s (in the works) -shocks all the way around -front coils its gotta match the 7in in the rear (in the...
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    Starts BUT wont turn off?

    Sooo...the jeep I just got started up fine by turning the ignition on when i loaded an unloaded it off the trailer...BUT! later that afternoon I went to start it nothing? just click an the dash lights lit up..sooo I said ok, more than one way to skin a cat, bypassed the solenoid nex tot...
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    Revolving Shackles?

    I was wondering what everyones opinion was on Revolving shackles? I have a set of TeraFlex ones that I was thinkin i'd put on my jeep....but is it really worth it? :scratchhead:
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    New Jeep!

    here she is in all her glory lol :redneck: 85 xj stock hight front a 7in in the rear!:cheer: very much a project!
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    I'm bored....

    So i'm at I'm bored...somebody entertain me!:redneck: jokes, smart ass comments, pics! I dont care :haha:
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    Rattlesnake Lake on Saturday?

    :DI was goin to head up to rattlesnake lake on saturday...does anybody want to join? The lake is absolutly beautiful :;I was there yesterday an the Watre is amazing! let me know I think im heading up there around 12:00 so send me reply an i will send ya my number if you wanna meet up!:beer:
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    Hey, Well, my name is Melissa, I'm 21 and have 2 trucks I love to take out wheelin and camping...i dunno wha all to say one is a 1993 Ford f-150 4x4, its blue...with a white passenger door... booo: ... it has a 6in suspension lift, 35in BFGs, i've had it 3 yrs. My other truck in a little...