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    38.5x16-16.5 Claws/16.5 Wheels

    Looking for at least a pair of 38.5x16-16.5 Baja Claws, I'd buy a full set if the price was right but I have two nice ones and two TTB fucked ones Also generally interested in any old school 16.5 aluminum wheels (Turbines/Vectors/Slots etc...) because I'm a hoarder.
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    Surplus Tires

    So who's the hookup around the sound for military surplus 37's? Want another set for my big dumb street truck, would rather not ship another set cross country if I can help it.
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    [Ad Closed] Air Compressor Tank

    Need a 20-30 gallon lay down air compressor tank. Your broken down old compressor is just fine, I've got a rusted out tank and good everything else. Closer to Auburn the better but I'm in the Graham/Roy/Eatonville area often too.
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    [Ad Closed] Flowmasters

    2 1/2" center inlet/offest outlet Flowmasters. Used but in good enough shape to re-use. $40 for the pair
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    [Ad Closed] Winch Bumper

    Full size truck winch bumper, I believe it's a Warn. Don't have mounts for it, supposedly came off of a 70's Ford. 74 1/2" wide $200 picked up in Auburn
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    [Ad Closed] Super Duty D50 Front

    D50 from a 99-04 F250. 3.73's, open diff, Warn hubs (manual all the time). No brake calipers, I do have the rotors and the driver's side u-bolt plate. $400 picked up in Auburn
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    D44 Knuckle Machining

    Does anyone in the Auburn/Seattle/Tacoma area machine D44 knuckles for high steer? Need one done for my highboy and I'd like to avoid having to tear my truck apart and ship mine off somewhere but I need to get rid of the sketchy push-pull that the PO installed.
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    Need a permit to widen my driveway?

    Just bought my first place, and in the process of doing what I do when I buy just about anything I want to change a bunch of things. Driveway on my side of the ditch is 2 cars wide and just long enough to fit my crew cab pickup, but the culvert and driveway at the street is only 8-9 feet and the...
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    Tacoma/South Sound Engine Machine Shops?

    Looking at building a new engine for my Mustang soon, need recommendations on a good shop to clean up and punch out a 302 block that preferably won't break the bank or take 6 months to get my parts back. Not looking for anything crazy basically just hot tank and punch it .030 over.
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    Plastic Supply in Tacoma/Puyallup?

    On the hunt for large sheet plastic for a project (Ideally a 4x8x1/8" sheet of ABS). Is there anywhere local that sells plastic like this? Google isn't turning up much without going all the way to Seattle to get it.
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    What would NWW do?

    Not really sure on the legalities involved in my situation but I know a few here have dealt with this situation. Sold my little 2wd S10 to a buddy last August because at the time I had no real plans for it and I was driving my car to work every day with the nice weather. He's broke but his...
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    Tamiya F350 Hi-Lift

    Need the money elsewhere so this shelf queen needs to hit the road. Pretty much a box stock truck, lifted to clear the 2.2 boggers that have very little use. I bought it, painted the body and haven't really done anything with it since. No radio to go with, has a cheap battery and an AM...
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    Tacoma Area Speed Shops?

    Are there any left? Or is Austin's Pro-Max pretty much it if you're not building an import? Need a few things and I'd rather not order everything from Summit/Jegs.
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    Suspension Seat Dealers - South Sound

    Who's got suspension seats on the shelf/in the showroom in the south sound, preferably Tacoma? Seats in my Toyota have had it so I wanna upgrade just hesitant to spend that kinda coin on something I haven't had the chance to sit in/eye fuck in person. I know 4WP does Corbeaus and the...
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    Anyone used these guys to find a job in the auto industry? I'm getting tired of the BS and shit pay at my current shop and looking to make a move, have come across a few of their ads on craigslist, I just know a lot of these job finder/placement outfits end up being bad news.
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    Good head/machine shop Tacoma-ish?

    Picked up a Vortec 350 for free.99 from work yesterday. Want to have some head work done (Machine down the guides for cam clearance and setup for screw in studs) Anyone got a reccomendation on a shop that can get me set up without breaking the bank? Preferably Tacoma-ish.
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    Fucking small town cops...

    Done got themselves in the paper finally Guess you can only piss off ever bar and restaurant owner so many times before they start makin' phone calls.
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    The FarmWreck

    Decided my Nissan needed to go down the road before I had to put more money into it, swapped a kid straight across for this '70 C10. Pretty well optioned truck, power steering and brakes, posi. Someone started putting an aftermarket wiring harness in, and didn't finish the job once the lights...
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    Caption this...

    This gem popped up on the ol' Facebook machine this morning. Dude seems to be REALLY proud of it.
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    Where to scrap the shell of a rig?

    Down to the shell of my sami project and once the last little bits of good are torn off, I wanna get the frame and what's left of the tub outta here. Problem is, it hasn't had the stock dash since I got it and as such, I have no vin plates to prove it goes with the title I have, makes it kinda...