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    What tube bender?

    Looking for a tube bender. Nobody has discussed recently so to heck with the search. My 14 yo son is getting into building an 84 Toyota and since the bed is rusted out and the bumpers are toast - I might as well buy a bender. It won't be used much other than a bed, cage and bumpers - never...
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    WTB 84 toyota bed

    WTB 84 toyota flatbed or bed Looking for a flatbed or something for my kids Toyota truck, even something I can modify to make work. It's a 1984 Toyota regular cab longbed.
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    Paint selection

    When painting tube work black on a chassis, what kind of paint are people using? Just normal rattle can black or....Hammerite - it is what I had previously used on other chassis. The metal has some rust that I am using a wire wheel to remove.
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    Fox Air Shock Nitrogen Recharge

    I need to have two Fox 2" Air shocks recharged with nitrogen. Anybody in the Mt. Vernon area or Everett area do it?
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    Architect and Structual Engineer

    Looking to build a house and need someone to run numbers for a Snohomish county building permit. Anybody know someone in these fields?
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    I Passed my Test

    Not to many know me or what I do, but I passed my Washington state test to become a Professional Licensed Land Surveyor. That is all. Carry on.
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    Anyone work at a Ford dealership?

    Need a vin# ran so to see what has been done?
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    Best 6" lift for 2011 F150

    My sister is going to suprise her city slicker husband with a 6" lift and 35" tires on his truck while he is gone. It's a 2011 F150 4x4 4dr. Thats all I know about it. What is a good brand of lift. They live in Florida and it will only see pavement.
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    Traxxas Summit

    Was going to pick one up for my kids? What is the opinion on them? Open, assemble then run is what I want. Nothing to compete with, just play round property.
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    Going to put carpet in the shop...

    Upstairs that is. I have a playroom upstairs in my shop for the kids, does anybody have a hookup on getting free/used/cheap carpet or installing it? I need about 1200 sq.ft.
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    Gas furnace

    I need to install a gas furnace in my shop. I already have the furnace, but now I need it installed and I have no clue on how to do it. Can anybody recommend someone or???? Stanwood, near I-5.
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    91' 4runner build

    Getting ready for the snow, so I am going to start with a stock 4runner 4cyl 22re 5spd with heater, radio, A/C, husky floor mats all the way around and a spot for the dog kennel in the back and go from there. I am figuring on running trailready bead locks with 31" bfg m/t old school tires maybe...
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    Gonna buy a new mattress - recommendations?

    Looking to buy a new bed mattress and looking for recommendations. We are going with a king size and staying away from the memory foam, cause it gets to hot - so what other options/opinions are there?
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    Garage Door - Who to install?

    I need to have 2 - 16'w x10' tall and 1- 16' wide x 14' tall doors installed in my shop. Any recommendations on who to buy from and have them installed?
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    Cone Holders for the front of trucks???

    I need to get cone holders for the front of my crew trucks 01 dodge 4x4 diesels. Where do all the companies get them from? I see them all sorts of trucks and vans. Help.
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    Beck's Custom tie downs

    Are they still in business and if so how to get ahold of them or where to get tie down straps?
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    W T F !