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    Happy new year folks

    Hey, happy new year everyone
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    Happy 4th

    Happy 4th of July,eat some barbecue and don't blow your fingers off
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    Veterans Day

    A special thanks to all the veterans out there. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.
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    Happy New Year everybody

    Happy 2018, it's a brand new year. Time to start thinking about your taxes. I hope everybody had a safe new years celebration.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone

    I hope everyone has plenty to be thankful for, plenty of time to spend with your families, and more food then you can handle.
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    BIG THANK YOU to all the veterans

    Thank you for your service and your sacrifice to keep our freedom.
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    Happy Fathers Day.

    Happy Fathers Day to all of the dads out there.
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    Veterans Day 11-11-15

    Thank You to all of the men and women who have served and are currently serving in the armed forces to protect our country from evil. Happy veterans day. be safe.
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    Happy thanksgiving everyone.

    Have a happy and safe holiday with your families.
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    new guy

    Hello ladies and gentelmen, this is my first time on your site. My name is Rick, I have a 69 ford bronco, a couple of boston terriers, and a wife.