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    Rim Butte

    Couple of us headed that way Oct. 7-10 to camp out and wheel. Meeting/staying at the Ponderosa Staging area,-121.5059549/43.6302434,-121.1005205/43.633451,-121.1074221/@43.6332352,-121.1074125,155m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e0
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    Back to Oregon

    Cline and Rim Butte's again, May 18-21 if anyone wants to tag along. Headed down for the Rim Butte work party and might try and squeeze a run in at Cline as well
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    Cline and Rim Butte

    Headed back down to eastern Oregon Feb 24-26 if anyone wants to join. Plan is to hit Cline Saturday afternoon when we get down there and Rim Butte all day Sunday then putt home Monday morning. Will be staying in Redmond
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    Thanks guys/gals! 'Merica!
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    Eastern Oregon

    Going to hit Cline Butte and Hoodoo Oct 22nd-23rd Sunday/Monday if anyone wants to join. Have a funeral Sat is the reason for the Sun/Mon trip. Crashing with in-laws part of the weekend and Hotel in Sisters rest of the weekend
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    [Ad Closed] '94 Toyota Rock Crawler

    '94 Toyota Rock Crawler '86 22RET on propane, MSD 6AL-2 Ignition Early 5sp trans Toy/Dana 300 dual case combo, twin sticked for true front digs, both cases stock Dana 60 front, full hydro steering, Yukon chromos, 35 spline outers/flanges, 4:10's welded Dana 70 HD rear, Disc brake...
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    [Ad Closed] 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Cummins 6sp

    2000 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Cummins Quad Cab 6sp Manual Trans Motor never turned up Big air filter 4" downpipe-back exhaust Exhaust Brake 132,xxx Miles $17,500 OBO no trades, cash only CL price so throw me a reasonable offer :D PM me or call/txt 509-929-1954 link for pics...
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    What happened in/to Pro Wrestling?

    Haven't watched any in 15+ years. Had a buddy stop by and we started bs'ing about the old days, 80's-90's for us, and how over the top and vulgar Wrestling was from Stone Colds beer truck shenanigans to Gold Dust's fairy stuff. Of course as teens we thought it was the cats pajamas. I watched RAW...
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    Custom, one off steering

    Yup, I'd have to agree...
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    Expensive Jeep Made me laugh for more than one reason WALPOLE, Mass. ( -- A local man says when he got his Jeep stuck in the mud, a Walpole tow company charged him nearly $50,000 to tow it...
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    Shoestring Sun 9-28

    Hitting it early, be unloaded near Tripod trailhead entrance by 7:30-8 and headed in...
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    People wonder why...

    I won't buy 20 acres of cheap ground in the sagebrush... Across the river from my house... I watched one house go and heard a few others were gone already...
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    Caption this...

    Painting I noticed at a restaurant tonight...
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    Finnally some real rap artists...
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    Dickwart's Trailer Trash X-mas Tree

    Hope the little trailer makes it look full-er!
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    Worlds Largest Pickup

    Sorry if its a repost...
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    Halloweeny Party

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    Ellensburg the 13th...

    Not sure where we're goin' yet... PM me for info... Wanna try and meet in Thorp maybe around 10ish sunday mornin'...
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    Ellensburg, the 16th...

    A few capable rigs goin' out sunday... Meetin at Mickie D's parking lot 9 am... Will have pics to follow... PM if u wanna go...
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    Bunch 'O Pics from Ellensburg...

    Here was our latest run: BRASS MONKEY!!!