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  1. the4x4pig

    Anybody have a tubing roller?

    Need to roll some 1x1.5 tubing into a 6’ diameter. I’ll buy the dies from swag if you have the roller.
  2. the4x4pig

    BOUGHT ONE. Wtb yj emergency brake pedal

    Looking for a usable yj emergency brake mechanism to put in my tj due to packaging issues.
  3. the4x4pig

    Rubicon trail advise

    After 25 years of wheeling, a buddy and I are finally hitting the Rubicon the first week in September. Plan on taking our time and then doing some exploring/ over landing for the rest of the week. Anybody have any tips or must see/ do stuff for the area?
  4. the4x4pig

    17” steel wheels. 5 of them. Like new, about 2000 miles on them. Pics make them look chipped, they aren’t.

    These came on my LJ. Have about 2000 miles on them. I swapped them out for beadlocks. I believe they are 9” wide. 8x6.5, 4.5BS. I’m near Gig Harbor. $300
  5. the4x4pig

    Need a Toyota e-brake

    I’m out of real estate in my Jeep LJ in the center of the rig where the factory ebrake handle once lived. I’m thinking about adapting a Toyota pull type under the dash. Anybody have one they want to part with?
  6. the4x4pig

    [Ad Closed] Savvy tj belly up

    Have a used savvy under armor skid for 03-06 tj or LJ. Great shape just oily from my Tcase disintegrating. $630 plus shipping new. I’ll let it go for $450. I’m in the Gig Harbor area.
  7. the4x4pig


    Looking to get some fox coilovers for the heep. Any recommendations of a place to get them that can help me with spring rates and valving?
  8. the4x4pig

    Tj LJ crossover steering.

    Unknown brand tie rod and drag link. Ends are good. $75
  9. the4x4pig

    Dodge aluminum stock 17†wheels

    These were the stock aluminum wheels with the Chrome overlay on them 2008 I think. I was going to remove the overlays and powder coat them and use them on my full width 60’s because they have a lot if backspace. I have 8. $80 bucks for a set of 4.
  10. the4x4pig

    [Ad Closed] Toyota front housing

    It was out of my buddy’s 96 taco. We pulled it to put a wide rock assault housing in. I believe it’s a 84ish housing. Has 3 link brackets and coilover mounts on it. Comes with the knuckles and high steer arms. $150.
  11. the4x4pig

    Kicker 10†in console sub and enclosure

    It’s only a few months old. I can throw in the rear console but it’s missing the lid. They go for $350ish new. $200 takes it.
  12. the4x4pig

    Dana 60 stuff and tires

    Dana 60 and 35†krawlers FF 60 rear, 30 spline, disc’s, 5.38 gears welded I think 65wms $500 4 Bfg 35x13.50x15 krawlers. 90+% $800
  13. the4x4pig

    WTB tj speaker pods

    The rear overhead pods. 03-06.
  14. the4x4pig

    Anybody tapped an 03-06 Jeep steering box?

    I already have a PSC pump. I’d like to add a ram. Anybody have any experience tapping a newer tj box for ram assist? Probably a good time to rebuild the box too.
  15. the4x4pig

    WTB 4†coil springs TJ/LJ

    Looking for some used springs to try to get my new Heep dialed in. Let me know if you have any lying around. Thanks
  16. the4x4pig

    My new Heep.

    Selling the 06 LJ Rubicon because I found a deal I couldn’t pass up. 04 LJ. 6 liter LS 4l60e Dynatrac prorock 60’s, 5.38’s, arb’s, full float rear Atlas 4 speed. Only 1500 miles on the build. Still lots of loose ends to tie up but it’s got the right parts.
  17. the4x4pig

    [Ad Closed] Need a NV241OR or atlas ASAP.

    Blew my NV241OR apart this weekend in Idaho. Have a longtime scheduled Rubicon trip the first week of September. Tried ordering an atlas today but they are 5-6 weeks out and they were not fazed by my sob story. Don’t really want to do another NV241OR but will if it gets me to this trip...
  18. the4x4pig

    Want hire someone to wire a rig.

    I have a 55 Chevy street strip car I just can’t seem to find time to finish up. Looking for a skilled, trustworthy preferably retired type that I could hire to finish up my wiring. I got about 75% of a new American auto wire harness installed and life got in the way. Needs the mds digital...
  19. the4x4pig

    Need Toyota guru help please.

    85.5 22re pickup. Starts after sitting a few days and runs a few minutes but dies and won’t restart. Already replaced the afm, fuel filter, checked for vacuum leaks on intake and other lines. Check engine code shows 2 and 8. Common denominator in both is a possible bad afm or ecu...
  20. the4x4pig

    Coilover advise

    I have an 06 LJ Rubicon. It is not my daily driver per say as I have a company vehicle but I do drive it on the street a lot and do adventure/camping trips with it along with the occasional wheeling trip, Moab, rubicon, local trails. I am in the process of collecting parts for swapping in...