pimp-n-ho punk rock christmas Party


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Jun 1, 2008
North Bend

I just found this on you tube. It's dumb but I had a good laugh. We had a camera guy following around our stunt team for awhile. He must have made this out take video after the DVD was released. I had a broken leg and one of my best friends had just been killed, so I shaved a mowhawk, bleached it white and died the tips blue. Then we threw a huge party at my house complete with crowd surfing, made everyone dress up and called it our pimp-n-ho punk rock christmas party, just so they had lots of costum options. I had never seen any footage until I just found this, this is from 3 years ago. At one point there was so many people in my house that my floor broke. There's some other random stuff on the Vid too, mostly drunk poeple. More white trash than redneck but hey, we sure throw a good party. :beer:

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