Dec 30, 2012
Monroe, WA
If you're into Rc Helis, and haven't found us yet... Check it out!

A bunch of us guys got tired of the drama that surrounded many of the bigger Rc forums out there... So we created our own. There's lots of talented and knowledgable people over there... And it has a great atmosphere... It's got that 'tight knit group' feel to it...

Another great site to check out is: rchelination.com
It's more of a weekly podcast than a forum, but its another great place to look into when trying to satisfy your Rc hobby needs...

My handle is the same on most of the rc Heli forums, FireballXL5, and my YouTube channel showing my flying progression is: philluoma

Looking forward to chatting with anyone that has questions or experiences to share... I've been flying for 3 years now, and bought/sold/traded/flown over 30 different Helis personally... Currently, I fly:
Helimax novus 125cp
Align T-Rex 600 nitro pro with a pumped OS 55 HZ-R
Custom Suzi Hans 700 Electric with align drivetrain & custom electronics
Custom Suzi Hans 800 electric with align drivetrain & custom electronics
Nitro pizazz rc airplane with a magnum 52 XLS
Blue rascal Rc airplane with a OS 25
3 Stryker foamy delta wings, one set up as a night flyer
T-28 foamy
38" foamy yak, more CA glue than foam anymore...
And a few misc projects...

I know lots of people in the Heli community, and a handful in the airplane world... If you're looking for anything, I might know someone who's got something you could use... Or perhaps I could steer you in the right direction. If you're looking for an airplane, I've got a buddy looking to downsize his fleet by 8-9 planks... Mostly nitros, and all in great shape... Let me know...

Anyways... Chat with ya later.