TONS of RC stuff


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Nov 7, 2012
Now that I've gotten into dumping $$ and time into my full size rig, its time to get rid of a bunch of my RC items. Unfortunately, none of it is crawler related. However, I've probably got one of the biggest collections of 1:10 - 1:8 scale off road rigs around. WAAAAAY too much to list individually. Everything is brushless, mostly Castle/Neu powered, mostly Mamba monster controllers, new in box transmitters, Spectrum, and some cheaper ones I bought but never used.
I've got Traxxas Revo (gas converted to brushless) and couple Slash 4x4's, Losi 8T, 8B, Muggy Converted to Brushless. Two Savage Flux's. I think I'm missing one or two....
Parts up the ying yang. Extra brand new controllers, brand new motors. Batteries - some high end Neu and Hyperions. Hyperion dual charger. Power supply.
I spent a LOT of money on this stuff over the years (and I realize that stuff depreciates, expecially with toys). When I bought, I bought the best equipment I could (not necessarily the most wont find any MAX-CRAPS batteries). I started converting nitro to brushless before you could buy any brushless or lipo in local hobby shops. The Revo above is what i cut my teeth on so to speak.
None of my rigs were raced - just bashed. Run em, Break em, fix 'em.
I'm more likely to give someone a heck of a deal for the entire package than i would be onsey my age, my time is worth more than my stuff is (Hence why I havent put together an item by item list....). My ideal would be to sell the lot to a father/sons that will get years of learning and enjoyment out of the hobby.
I'll get more specific info and pics for anyone that needs it.