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    Merry Christmas!!

    Hope everyone had a great xmas
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone

    Ditto too:fawkdancesmiley:
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    Propane for your house

    That's who I use. I have one 100 gallon tank and do a fill up twice a year but thats just for me. Summer rates are cheaper than winter.
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    Decent overnight camp spots in westside?

    Ocean shores, Lupush by forks
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    Best way to get air out of P.S. system ?

    this :awesomework:
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    Today's public service announcement from KarlVP

    I was thinking the same thing lol :haha:
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    Today's public service announcement from KarlVP

    Just had a pulled pork sandwich from Jinroku Pacific. Here in Honolulu :fawkdancesmiley:
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    Elbe Hills Whos hosing the work party at Elbe this weekend (12 APR)?

    You meant hosting right? I need too head down there when I get back to Washington. I hear it's a good trail system there. Of course I'm not much into playing in the mud too much.
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    Toy Story

    Looking good like the 34x9.5 swamper's also
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    new direction

    Mighty fine work there. :awesomework:
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    cummins issue

    might have sucked some water into your fuel filter change that out too. I keep a spare in my truck.
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    TG bought Longfield?

    Yeah This is what I'm thinking. Time for her to move on too next chapter in her life.
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    I couldn't resist...

    cummins and stacks:awesomework:
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    It's here

    :pics: But hell yeah can not wait.:cheer:
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    Found my dream house

    Pretty cool. But not very green. Would have too fly in fuel for the generators. Notice the house wasn't even set up with wind or solar power. But I do like those silos. Very cool but doesn't look to hard to make, just a lot of digging.