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Hey Jay. Its been awhile. I haven't been on NW Wheelers in so long I'd forgotten my password. Thought I'd see how dead this forum is today. I'm married and just moved my family to Coeur d'Alene Idaho. I've still got a Grand I keep near the Yakima area that's ready to go. I travel for work and have lived in TN for the last several years, so my wheeling has been limited to a couple trips a year. How are you? Hope all is well!
If you will take 40 bucks for the bolt protectors then I will take them.
You can text me st 253-334-2344,Paul
i got a 1999 izusu rodeo thats 4x4 but doesnt work that id be willing to let go of does need some maintence stuff but it is a california car so no rust and in really good shape