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  • Hey man just Curious if you guys have any Cherokees you are parting out. building one for my son and need interior parts. Seats, Dash, Center Console, ect. Thanks, Martin
    Do you still have mtr's for sale? I'm looking for 35x12.5x20 load E.. Please let me know I am also wanting to install a bully dog triple dog GT in my 07 dodge 5.9.. Do you sell these as well?
    Your pnwjeep site won't let me log in (supafly) Anyway, just wanted to add 2 adults to the headcount. My girlfriend and I are going to come up Friday afternoon. See ya!
    Hey john you helped me once before. I need some help again, i have a new alternator 110 amp and a new battery 1000 ca and 800 cca how ever they will not keep up with my winch it is an xrc8 a year old. I was thinking about going duel battery but i am not sure that will fix my problem. What would you sugest? I was also thinking about about going with a 160 amp alternator. Any way i am open to sugestions trying to get this worked out before memorial weakend thanks. Alan
    Hello I was told by some friends that you were the man to talk to about my project. I have an 88 wrangler with the 258 ba10 and np231 and want to convert to the ax15 np231 and do the 4.0HO head conversion. I am looking for the parts that will make this happen. So do you have a 4.0Ho head with wiring harness, intake, fuel rail injector etc, ax15 with matching np231? or a donor vehicle with all I need and how much?
    hey dude..i was stalking you on youtube a bit ago..id love to see tanner someday..well of course you and jenn to..you guys should come take a trail tour out here in ravensdale someday..not the places they get busted for..this is 5000 acres of privite land that we have permission to run..some good little trails and a rock garden..nothing to hard core...unless you want hard core ..it can be..but id love to get together sometime.
    Hey John, I busted the rear locker in my jeep(stock rubicon D44 locker) and am looking to replace with a detroit. If I brought you my entire axle with the carrier removed, how much would it cost for you to put it back together with the detroit? Any other recommendations besides and ARB?(too much $) Thanks, Justin.
    well i dont know for sure somthing he can put a spare tire on and a high lift ,cooler stuff like that.not making it to elbe again this year going to work in stuheakin .the other end of lake chelan up in the woods tell the snow flys i guess.living in a camp..away from my kids and little laddy.and my wheeler.and no hunting.sucks but loads of money to buy a snow mobile
    is this john mathews....if so its emmett...how ya been .been seeing your green jeep on here and there...looking good.hey my dads got a xj hes been grandpaing out..he wants one of the roof racks,got one?get ahold of me for some wheeling someday
    hey i want your two 33x12.5x15" Mud King tires for 50 bucks. i got money and i need these tires. call me ASAP 206-276-9946, Chris.
    hey John is that cherokee you got on graigslist is the rear axle non c clip if so i might be interested in the axle shafts
    hey, (I wrote you on pnwjeeps) I am try to figure out a way to pick up that rearend (8.8 w/3.73:1 for $250) I dont have a truck. Where are you located? Are you going to be around saturday?
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