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    Here we go again

    People are sheep. He has no power to do this shit but everyone steps inline to follow their master. My grandmother is dieing alone in a nursing home and its bullshit. Ok mino rant over
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    Finally got the Tow Pig set up!

    Thats cool as hell for a tow set up.
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    Cj7 steering issues

    No i have not. I think the heim joints are worn and need replace and with the springs so worn/soft its doing it with the old wide biasply pitbulls.
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    Cj7 steering issues

    Well that wasnt it. Replaced the bearings and re torqued the spindle nuts still does it.
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    Cj7 steering issues

    Ok think ive found the problem. The damn inner wheel bearing is gone on the passanger side. Takes a lot to move the tire but once i got the jeep rocking good by hand you can see it move all over.
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    Wanted 2.5 ton axles for 1973 Ford F250 Custom/Ranger

    Have you watched usa auctions? They have 2.5 ton rigs go cheap some times.
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    Cj7 steering issues

    No have not spent much time with it. Toe is 3/16" in, ive measured everything that can be and its all good. When i get a chance im going to take the frontend out and throw new ball joints, heims, springs etc under it
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    New Twisted buggy almost finished!

    Thats a hell of a rig. Very nice
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    Do you own a SxS?

    Think different tires etc it would do better. The jeep aired down walked away from the polaris turbo in the snow. Jeep can break trail sxs not so much. The sxs did better in the deep mud but also the jeep front locker didnt work and the motor was cutting out at 1800rpm lol.
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    Do you own a SxS?

    Have a little was suprised how well a stocl sxs does on the trail but it sucled in the deep snow.
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    Cj7 steering issues

    The hole rig was built from the ground up and everything was set then. I didnt do the work but talk to who did every day. He set the caster to be at 6deg when they did the front axle. Im thinking it might be the tires, I dont have the ability to swap them and see right now though. Im not really...
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    Reworking the tired Toyota Pickup

    Looking good. Got a ranger i need to link the rear 9".
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    What series are you watching?

    Been watching cursed just started it. Need bog into the overland videos since i cant really get out right now.
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    Craving to get dirty every once and a while...

    Even i well built rig is never finished lol. Learned that on a trail run when my front axle would not lock. Lol
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    Cj7 steering issues

    Lmao it has a vortec in it has its taken me 4 months to get it running good again after it developed issue.